Friday, September 9, 2011

Not a Lie Premier by Chelsia Ng

Hello Crafters,

Today I wont be sharing any crafty updates but a music video. You know im a sucker for Malaysian Artist, they always have my full support.

But this artist is special, she hails from Penang, is a CPTarian, and we share beautiful highschool memories. Although I've lost touch with her for a bout 6 years already, but Facebook keeps us connected and I must say very updated too. LOL!

She has been climbing upwards all these years, starting with ASIA BAGUS...I still remember her performing in school @15 to 'Bagaikan Puteri' in a white long dress....and at 16, she recorded KOPITIAM's Opening Song, and the list goes on and on with our local movie industry (Realiti, Salon, Papadom)......

Congratulations Dear Chelsia.

You truly make us Malaysians proud.

Keep soaring.

(I cant seem to attach it to this blog, so click click on the link below, you will enjoy her Cutesie fun MTV)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Something simple...

Bingo! So in love with you.....

How are you ladies doing? I've been hoarding tons of beautiful papers, but no inspiration to create. ...but I did pretty well in forcing myself to come up with something last night. Just a simple card, inspired by the lovely Stella&Rose sentiment sticker.

Have a blessed week! I know we've been spoiled with one week's holiday....but its over now, time to get back to work. Tata.