Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 28 spread 2

Hello Friends,

Its Friday! Yee-haaa!

I think this may be my favorite spread in 2014. Just loving the mint green with black and white.....really refreshing colors. I wish I had more of the dear lizzy papers. Minimal approach to PL is the best for me. Yay!

Super love how this navy photo corner by Pink Paislee blended so well in this spread.

Simple title card on the 2nd spread. Thought it needed some change. :)

When in doubt, use thickers. They can fill up the space like a charm.

I have 2 more spreads on this beach getaway, hahah photos overloaded, yea just not practical for me to make a mini album when I can just fit in an extra page to this week. So stay tuned...

I'm taking a trip down south tomorrow to attend a seminar, hopefully i'll be back with a post by wednesday. :)

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 28 Spread 1

Hello Thursday.

So happy to come so far with Project life, considering I was like 10 weeks behind after I came back from London.

No pressure, I really enjoy the process. :)

Here you go, Spread 1 out of 4 for our beautiful beach getaway.

Diagonal journaling...pretty cool. :) 

 & the spread will not be complete without some stitching. 

Have a beautiful day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday & some random stories.

Hello Friends.

Its midweek....and I'm terribly sleepy.

So I have decided to blog about my random craving last night. Mind you, it was after dinner that I felt like having a hot bowl of 'Bah Kut Teh', seriously, no hunger pangs, just pure hormones kicking in....I suppose. Haha.

Aaron was really so sweet to drive me to town to get some errands done & after which, he took me to have my hot soup. Yay! It was so so yummy and satisfying.....i hope this will not be repeated again, supper is really bad.

If you are living in Penang, try the BKT in 'Green House, burmah Road' So delicious. :)

Currently on my messy desk, WIP for my PL spread.

Thats all from me now.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give me Jesus

God answers prayers.

He even listens to my whispering thoughts.

Just when I finished penning my desire to want to fall in love with Him more and more, He led me to find this song.

Give Me Jesus
Traditional African-American Spiritual/bridge by Matt Stinton

©2013 Bethel Music Publishing

Give me Jesus
You can have all this world
Give me Jesus

Give me the One my soul delights in
Give me the One in whom my hope is securely found

Give me the One my soul delights in
Give me the One in whom my hope is securely,

Securely found
[repeat 4x]

Be Blessed dearest friends.

Truly Jesus is all I need. 

Hello Hello

A brand new week.

How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend?

Here's my completed week 27:

Its all about pinks and yellows. I was happy to find inserts that match my background wall, and thats how the whole spread came about. Just a fun spread to create. 

Stitch away.....

Added a wood veneer to for some texture.

& currently my desk looks something like this, its messy:

Wishing you a great week. :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tragic Friday

Hello Friends.

Tragic Friday for us Malaysians.

Slightly before midnight on 17/07, I receive a text saying that a Malaysian plane has crashed in Ukraine. I thought it was a hoax until I channel surfed to CNN....tragically enough, the plane crash has been confirmed. 

MH17 has been shot down and at present, no survivors....a whooping total of 295 passengers including crew members on board. I was speechless. My heart totally sadden. My eyes swelled up with tears. I couldn't understand the sadness, I was totally disturbed. 

A short while later, Aaron came home. We watched the live updates on CNN, trying to figure out what in the world happened. Then Aaron turned to me and said, dear.. I'm so glad you are here & you didn't blow up in midair. We exchange a silent agreement, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. You see, 2 months ago, I was flying across the same Ukraine route from Heathrow to KL by MAS, in a Boeing 777. Who would have predicted that another aviation tragedy would take place after MH370, a short span of 4 months. 

I was restless until about 2am. Too many questions, too many 'what ifs' situations on my mind. I could only surrender to God.

Today, I woke up still feeling quite shock & sad.....but I am also thankful that I am alive, I am reminded to be grateful for the things around me.

Before I received news about MH17, I was actually crafting. Thank you God for the gift of creativity & a space I can call my own.

Here's a simple card created with scrap papers. I hoarded the rosette ribbons a few years back, think its from Maya road?? decided to put it to good use. hehe. Happy Birthday stamp is from Hero Arts. So happy I used some oldie but goodie stuff. :)

Wishing a happy weekend ahead.

You are treasured dear friends. I love you.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back from Vacay and completed Week 25 & 26.


Had a superb beach vacay, now somewhat recharged and back to work. :)

Week 25:

Seaform + Orange combo. Truly a simple spread with iphone photos. 

Yes to more stitching! *winks*

Loving the star clip from studio calico.

Crate paper cutouts are a must!

Week 26:

Simple starry week. :)

Am super loving the gold stickers from chictags. yee ha!

I love how messy my stitching is, the loose ends are good accents to the page. Try it. ;)

Still having so much of fun documenting Project Life. Woohoo!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


.......big hug to all of you.

Am doing the happy dance coz I'll be leaving tonight for a beach hols. wooohooo!

Created this LO last week, inspired by Magda's. It was truly a simple LO but I had a ton of fun playing with the embellishments.

Oh yes and it was my first time crafting on a 8X10 layout.

Love the feather stitching!

Cute flower accents from Pink Paislee.

I had some old MME chipboard accents & the aqua just blended into the layout. Really happy to finish using my older stash. Yay!

Thats all from me now. I shall be on hiatus from the blogging world till next week....but I will be updating my trip on insta. :)

Tata & Blessings!


Monday, July 7, 2014


Hello Friends.

Good news is this week I'm only working for 2 days then im off to a mini beach holiday with Aaron & some church friends. Happiness!

I've been rather productive over the last 2 weeks, making sure I sit at my desk almost every night to create.

So here is week 24.

Spread 1:

I'm digging this title card

Yay to stitching accents!

Added some star veneers randomly across the spread.

Spread 2:

 Not too sure if I love this stamp, but I couldnt reverse the stamping.

Loving this cloud chipboard. So cute!

This 3/4 filler card is so simple but yet so pretty. Really loving the cleanness of it. <3 font="">

Our week 24 was a simple, tiring but a well loved week. Nothing beats spending quality time with family. Indeed there is something magical about family love. Quite certain that most of the time it is unspoken but certainly shown thru various circumstances.

Wishing you a lovely Week28. In another 2 days I will be swimming in clear turquoise water. yee ha!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Week 22 & 23 Documented.


I'm almost there in documenting the weeks. So satisfying. :)

Week 22:

Simple embellishments.

Loving the cut outs from Crate Paper.

Week 23.

Crazy stitching on this page. LOL. Super fun to pull this page together.

Listening to this song by Phil Whickham.

When in doubt, use stickers.

Stitched a label onto the photo.

YAY! So glad I can document/update my PL. Happy girl.

I still love Project Life. I love flipping back and reading the year's progress. It has helped me to be thankful in the little moments.



Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Midweek is here. Second day of July. :)

Today I am featuring my cute flower palate for my wood veneer embellishment. Not too sure if its practical coz, as you can tell, I've ran out of space.

But for the time being im happy with its cuteness....especially the sequin palate. *winks*

Week 21: Super simple again. Loving the Plus one cut outs by Amy Tangerine.

Loving the star stamp. I think its from American crafts.

Simple week filler card. This season I'm in love with stars. :)

Yay! Trying to complete as many spreads as I can before my mini beach getaway for 6 days. Almost a week of Sun & water. Glorious.

Have a beautiful day. 


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fruitful Monday evening

Was truly happy to get the night off, choir practice this busy girl had a bit of time to herself.

So its goodbye to June & Hello July. 2nd half of the year friends, that's crazy! No kidding, christmas is coming soon. Insane! 

So lately I've discovered that it is possible for me to have Pasta 2-3 nights a week. Home made that is. I usually do not have a particular recipe, more like I check out whats in my fridge & just whip up something. MY fridge is kinda empty at the moment, I found one carrot, thats all. haha. So decided to try that with some sausages. Turned out pretty yummy.

I realized that I've not been creating much LO, up to date only 3. Found this photo which I printed of my friends months ago and decided to use it. Due to lack of supplies, I wanted to keep everything simple. There is something catchy with the minimalist approach, so no complains of limited embellishments. 

Vohla, Titled my LO 'Lifetime Jewels'. Simple and to the point. Completed this in 1.5 hrs. Not too bad right?

Added some stitching. I love doing that.

Flair button that says it all.

Yay! So glad I made this LO. Gotta keep my creative muscle moving.

And as we begin the month of July, May you have a fantastic fruitful month.