Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Workspace Wednesday & PL spread

Aha, im back again. Trying to be consistent in my postings. :)

So week 7: Labelled as the 'love week'. Had a very simple valentine's lunch with Aaron, just a lot of talking and laughing, being thankful with what we have. I couldn't have asked for a better valentine.

Decided to break out 'Sushi' (my lil sewing machine) again. He was a gem!

Simple and straight forward, loving the peach & gray combo.

Whats on my desk this Wednesday?? This cute ceramic owl that is holding some of my essentials. I'm loving it.

So how's your table looking like?



Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With a clean space, I'm on a roll


Back with more PL spreads.

I completed Week5, spread2. Inspired by Cindy Lee to try a Clean & simple look, this is what I achieved. 

I must totally admit that this style could work for me coz its no fuss, and super minimal on the embellishments. So its quite fast to put it all together. 
YAY! happy girl.

As you can see, my typewriter skills is pretty horrid. LOL. I just cant seem to make it work, one hand holding the journal card and another typing....but not too bad right? at least I can read. haha.

Week 6 also completed. Just a single page spread. :)

Simple and to the point. Oh I love it. *melts*

Lets see if I have the time to complete week 7 tonight.

Have a blessed Day.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Its Monday Again....

Hello Friends,

 Am back with another PL spread. 

Week 5 was CNY or also known as Lunar New Year. I wanted to create a simple Layout but I also know that the color 'red' can be a little strong on the eyes, so I paired it with a lot of whites to give it breathing space.

The 3x4 filler cards are free downloads from Mei Li's Paperie. :)

So there. Completed Week 5 Spread1. Will be back tomorrow for Spread 2.

So a lil bit about my weekend. :)

On Saturday, i visited Cindy at her place, checking her out before she pops.
Some cute photos of her 2 yo, Abigail. She's adorbs. Cindy, if you are reading this, wishing you a safe delivery. hugsss.

And not photographed, I had dinner with Pam & KP at a thai restaurant. The food was super yummy and great company. We laughed and chatted till 11.40pm, always good times with these old friends. :)

On Sunday:

It was terribly HOT day.

 OOTD-ed while having a quick lunch. LOL, I could barely look at the camera, yes even with the sunnies on. -_-

...............But its all worth it for this yummy Vietnamese meal. The ice coffee is out of this world. Just what I need on this melting Sunday.

Having my favorite bowl of Pho & Spring roll....yumsss, so healthy!

After lunch, we headed to a hypermarket to get new storage boxes. We have been attacked by 'Molds' on our terrazzo tiles in my craftroom...thats right of all places. *rolls eyes* I spent my whole Sunday afternoon throwing away boxes/shelves & temporary reorganizing my space. Maybe its a blessing in disguise coz now I'm checking Ikea Online for new office furnitures. LOL. 

Oh well, was your weekend as dramatic as mine? hahaha



Thursday, February 13, 2014

Am I developing a Skater Skirt obsession?

...hahaha....i think I am...

Last Saturday I OOTD-ed on Instagram with this cutest daisy Skater skirt from H&M. It is so super comfy & I think I'm in love with skater skirts.

I never took a liking to skater styles coz I always thought it was designed for petite looking girls, with a smaller tush & slimmer hip bone, boy was I wrong. Not too sure about other brands, but the ones in H&M fitted me like a glove. Hooray!!!

 Can I tell you that I literally cant get enough of this mustard cardi. I so want to wear it with everything...i think its obvious from my Instagram?! hah!

This polka dot jumper is sooo cute...but I wasn't too sure if the price suited me. What do you think of skirt no.2? 

I'm secretly in love with the grey piece. Its grey!! everything looks pretty in grey. haha. While I do think skirt no.2 is more flattering, but im more attracted to the grey. Hmmmm..... 

Perhaps when in doubt, we just buy all?? hahahha.

Anyways, work is ending in 5 mins. :) Goodbye friends!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

La la la...its midweek!

Hello Peeps.

I somehow feel like I'm still on holiday, just that my assignment deadline is getting closer. Come on Sharon, stop dreaming. Arghhh....reality bites!

On the other hand, I seem to be quite pumped to complete my project life. Due to my tight schedule this week, I could only squeeze in very little time before bed. *yawns*, now you know why I'm dreaming off? haha.

Anyways, coming on to week 4, it was one of those 'lazy to photograph' kinda I decided to just go with the instagram pockets...and boy did I have fun putting it together. Scroll down...

 Week 4 Spread 1:
Josie, Cindy and I met up for lunch before Chinese New year. :)

Oh yes and the last photo was taken by Lucas (Josie's 2 year old). We sure had a good laugh at this talented boy....seriously he was over the moon to help us capture our moment. hahahah. So cute!

Week 4 Spread 2: Just a few more capture on my simple weekend. & thats a wrap my friends.


Today on Instagram: Breakfast made by the Mr. (so neatly packaged right?) Such a sweetheart, he made my morning smile. :)

Have a bloomingly great day.


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Project Life Week 3

Hello Crafty Peeps.

Am back from being too lazy to blog. *winks*

Finally cleaned my table to prevent my brains from having a creative block. :)

Apologize for the non flattering pictures, darn the glare.

Anyways here is week 3 Spread 1: I only documented my Grandpa's bday this week. I was so thrilled that Grandpa turns 87, he is such a blessing to all of us. 
At 87: 
he drives (quite a hardcore driver at times haha), 
he shops (yes he loves the mall, hi5 grandpa!),
he's a prayer group leader,
he jokes,
he's so alert,
he loves my Grandma's cooking,
he feeds the stray cats & wild birds outside his house (almost like a mini zoo)
he's a big fan of Jesus. (YAY! :) )

Such a blessing to have this Man of God as my grandpa. I pray that you will have many many many more years on this earth.

Week 3 spread 2: More photos...

Finally used my Heidi swap 'Family' stamp. The size is just perfect!

And and ...I created a LO. I love how personalized this LO is, but yet safe enough to share with others. Please ignore the paint splatters, i totally got carried away. hahaha.

2014, I believe you will be an awesome year. 
I believe you will be a victorious year.

Thats all from me on this Tuesday. Have a great week ahead.