Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Creative Orders...

Wow, I'm truly blessed. All Glory to God!

This is what I've been up to after my 1 week break. I felt kinda productive....(=

My first bulk order for Thank You cards. I've never created the same design so many times. It was an experience. Something simple so that I can re-create.....

Had to minimize on the girliness, blue tone...the safest! (=

Altered Frames!!

Thank you for giving me a chance to improve!

I totally {Heart} crafting.


Monday, April 25, 2011

2 weeks ago, I spent a week with...

my dearest Family. Celebrating my gramps' Diamond Anniversary.

They are the cutest couple ever & I heart them to bits. Everybody took time off to be back in KL, and spent the most magical week. We had a relatively simple do at home, 4 tables to be exact and Aaron and I sang a song for them. Lots of laughter and lots of memories made.

I gifted them a shadow box. A lovely picture taken at my wedding.

Seriously, arent they the cutest?

By their example, we are a family forever!

60 years of Blessings and Many more....

P/S: If i live to celebrate my Diamond Anniversary, I would be 80+

(Just a random thought. LOL!)

A custom order for a birthday card with gold bars or money....(It was indeed a challenge)

So I went in between and did a pot of gold.

Sure hope it didnt look strange.

Have a great week crafters!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Congrats to your little one

Happy Mid Week crafters...
How has this week treated you so far?

I've been missing my family in KL, one whole week spent with them and I so drag coming back to work. Looking forward to the day where I can earn from the comfort of my home.....working in my jammies. Here's a card order from my mom's friend for a new born baby boy...

3 duckies in a row spells ADORABLE!!

Yeay, I added a new ink collection "Pumpkin Spice". I love it.
Btw peeps, CraftHaven is offering 20% off their inks.....very good price! So grab some.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello there peeps!

I'm back! Arrived home on Red Eye last night. Physically so tired, but it was such a great trip. I love my family....they are just amazing. Something I made before I left for my trip but didnt have the time to post.
"Happy Birthday" [Crate paper you are soooo gorgeous!]
Birthday wishes to a triathlete, I thought the bicycle gives it that extra touch.

[Pink & girly and fits so perfectly]

Have a great week crafty friends.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Creative juices flowing again...

Yahoooo! It was pure fun in my craft room last night. Working on some creative orders, I am truly blessed. Started crafting because I love creating with my hands, but now im starting to get custom orders, All Glory to Him! This card is an order from my SIL, Helena to her sister..TQ woman!
An anniversary card.....Let us celebrate the gift of Marriage.

Happy Anniversary!!! ------------------------------------- And and, I have an altered frame order from my mom's friend. She asked for a blue frame.. I know, still need a lot more improvement, but I'm thankful to be given a chance.
Something simple, something blue. *Winks*

Tata for now my friends.


Monday, April 4, 2011

Is it a lovely Monday morning?

...well, you know me, above everywhere else I rather cuddle in bed on a gloomy monday morning. Thats a luxury I've not had for a while.... But im praying that It'll be a blessed week! Yes i know it will be. Anyways I got a card order, birthday card for her bestie. I thought I'll bring out some bold colors again....Red + Black + Turquoise.....what a combination.
Stella & Rose + October Afternoon yummyness

" Happy Happy Birthday to a great friend!"

Wishing you a fantabulous week.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Its Friday!

Come on, lets do the happy dance together.

Its April 1st, another month has gone by and we're entering to 2nd quarter of the year. March has been a very challenging month for me, it is ONLY by the grace of God that I'm alive and kicking.

- Knowing that He is with me every step of the way
- Reaping the fruit of being obedient
- Shop, shop & shop @ Smidapaper (Stella & Rose, Emma Shop & Potrait Collection - I love you all)
- Completed my taxes and they will be refunding me RM200! Aint it great?!!
- Business for altered frames & cards...Praise God (Those that ordered, thank you for blessing me!)
- Being reminded that I'm so blessed to have Godly parents with sound advices.
- Being thankful for my dear Sister (Carmelita), you are a true pearl to me, just being there, showering me with a lot of care and concerns. I am blessed!

- Big blow again on 24th March, the night that started my palpitation for a whole week. It was the night that marked the journey of 'learning how to be gracious to others'. And a new journey is birth.......completely trusting on His will.
- Felt betrayed, completely let down & so broken. Good news is, im coming out of it, stronger than before.
Anyways I made a card last night using Emma Shop. I was so happy to have the mood to craft again. Awesomeness!! Thank you Cindy for passing some mojo.
I just love this paper. Its so floral, so girlie girl, so old school......ahhhh...

its just just just sooooo pretty!! TADA! I'm back in the league.

Have a great weekend peeps.