Monday, July 22, 2013

Project Life week 28

Hello Monday.

Week 29 has ended and its week 30 already? Crazy fast.

Time is so limited and it moves so quickly, all the more we should do things that really matters and spend time with the right people.

Week 28 is completed. Yay!

Only a single spread.

Had to cover the very personal journalling. Anybody knows how to blur out the text without looking ugly? hahhaa

Have a blessed week 30 dear friends.


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Project Life Week 27

Hello Friends.

Am back with a 2 page spread for PL week 27. Hooray!

Tried a new technique on my spread and Im kinda diggin it. :)

Spread 1: It may not be the perfect photo for a huge cut up but I kinda like how it gives variety to my spread. Trying to print smaller photos so I can journal more. :)

Spread 2: Simple and straight to the point, very minimal embellishments.

It was all about cameras, photography and Food!! We had 3 very enthusiast photogs in the house. it was fun!

YAY! How are you doing with PL? Doing good?


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Chipboard this time around...

Hello Peeps. How are you crafters doing?

It was a public holiday for us folks in Penang & it was lovely. Always happy to get a day off on Mondays. :)

So I spent my weekend in KL, visiting my family and some shopping time. Arrived back at home at 8pm last night and decided to make a card...mixing oldies with newbies. 

Used Maya road chipboards which I hoarded quite a fair bit. Ink them with Pink Petunia & Sage green, kinda loving the soft tones...and of coz more of Maggie Holmes sticker & ephemera pack. The flower was given by Jessy Christopher. Thx sweetie!

Please excuse the messy background. ;)

 Adding some washi tapes. The rainbow tape is from cardpuccino and the rest is from Typo, got it in the sale bin, RM10 for both. A steal!

PL sneak for Week 27, still a WIP state.

Quite a lazy Tuesday for me, dreaming of quitting my day job. Oh well, have a great week my dear friends.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Becoming Proverbs 31 girls

Hello Friends,

Yes another LO created on Sunday night, had this extra photo sitting on my desk and decided to scrap it.

What can I say, these beautiful girls are allowing me to journey with them, down the beautiful path of discipleship. Its not an easy road but I know it please my God, and He will give us strength for this journey.

Cheers to you beautiful girls. :)


Monday, July 8, 2013

Current loves...

Hello Friends,

Its Monday, start of week 28, wow....time really flies.

Finally what seems like ages, a LO for my current loves. What a perfect timing for Crate Paper's Polka Dots Challenge, im obsessed with polka seriously, my eyes gravitate towards dots...hahahah.

So loving this Maggie Holmes ephemera pack. Loving the electric blue with turquoise combination. Oh yes and those gold thickers, I think im gonna hoard them....hahahhaa.

Project Life Week 26:

A simple spread, watching 2 movies and a dance production. A really artsy week for me, touring around Georgetown and feeling so proud of Penang. You are so vintage and quaint. I so love you Penang. :)

Have a blessed week peeps.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project life week 20

Hello friends,

Am back again with week 20. Glad to say I've finally caught up 5 weeks of documentation. I feel great! :)

Week 20: Spread 1
Crazy weekend with our friends from Sarawak. Monday was the day we toured around penang in the blazing hot sun. We heard that Penang had a heat wave, it was madness....but it was the company that counts. 

Week 20: Spread 2
The morning before our friends went back to Sarawak. :)

And mummy's birthday! It was a beautiful celebration.

Thats all from me now. Have a blessed week! :)


Monday, July 1, 2013

Award for the most taken pictures in Week 23

Hello friends,

The busiest week in 2013, as of now. :)

Week 23 Spread 1:
Getting ready, flying, adjusting, arrived & rehearsals.

Spread 2:
Memorable dance pictures.

Spread 3:
Ministering in Children Conference, back-up singing, worship leading & more dancing...

Spread 4:
More dancing at Kuching's Amphiteather, over 5,000 people showed up in the rain. Truly a great experience.

Spread 5: 
Aha, dancing in the rain alright. It was a super fun night, lifting the name of Jesus with passionate people.

Spread 6:
The end of an awesome week. So glad to have experience such a blessed celebration. Empowered you are blessed and beyond, and it was an honor to dance at your 10th anniversary.

Super memorable week, putting my faith on the line and allowing Him to take control. 
Closed a repeated cycle in my life, yes I passed the test. 
Pushed to do things that I'm not comfortable, but yet there comes a season in your life when we have to rise above our feelings and negative mindsets of 'I cannot do it'. 
Learn to depend on God when you have ppl who bad mouth you on the same vicinity, an example of having thorns on our side but yet make the decision to Rise above that, keep my eyes fixed & bless them. (easier said than done.)
Learned to handle new situations, asserted correction with love, not easy as well, it can be heart breaking to speak the truth. Correction comes with a price, but it is rewarding when the seed is planted..
I am so proud of Penang, so proud of SWYF and definitely so proud of my Kingdom Dancers. You paid the price to set the path for the youths, Thank you, thank you & I love each one of you.

No joke, a total of 85 photos documented for week 23. Now that's a record breaker. *winks*