Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attracted to mono chromatic?

Well it does seem that way in my last few outfits.

Black, White & Gray. Who doesn't love them right? I have decided to do OOTD postings to promote modesty to Godly women. Hopefully I will keep it coming for a long time......actually it does mean that I would need to clean/rearrange my closet pretty often to accommodate new items. Yay to new clothes but Nay to cleaning. Or a new cupboard, but that would mean hoarding on clothes. Oh dear God, give me grace to do so.

 Quite loving this combo, a little bit of print to spice up the mono theme.

 Trying to restyle an old maxi, with a white shirt. Not exactly sure if I'm loving this look but it did give it a new look. :)

Whats with me and stripes right? I recently added 3 new stripe pieces into my wardrobe. Oh dear, better not anymore. Btw, the necklace im wearing is my latest favorite. Totally obsessed with it! I'm wearing it with every outfit. LOL!

Well thats all from me now. Took a break from my overwhelming work deadlines. Do you have any tips to share on restyling? :)


Monday, May 27, 2013

Guest Book order..

....for my Sis in law for her mom. :)

Photos are not doing justice to the book....but anyways just wanted to share what I created in my busy schedule.

 Cover page for Auntie Vicky who turned 70 years old.

 Page 1-4: Gorgeous vintage pictures. It was really easy to work with.

 Page 5-8 :Using the same script washi tape for continuity. 

Page 9-10 : Adding on 2 more vintage photos. I had a blast making this guest book, keeping it simple and rather soft tones. Yay!

This guest book made a hit at the party and it was loved by many. Yay! Success!!

Have a great Week ahead. Blessed Monday!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Catching up with blogging + project life

Hello Peeps.

Some instagram update.

From my desk this morning....

Tried a new sleeve by Becky Higgins for my instagram photos. I love it! Especially with the new app from 'A beautiful Mess', I dont think I need to embellish the photos. YAY!

As you can see, massive amount of photos to PL. I sometimes find it so cluttering to hv so many photos but BUT there is so much to capture. Oh who cares....this project is for me!! *winks*

And just to wind down the busy schedule, sometimes lunch is the only time I hv to gather some thoughts. This book is so speaking to me right now, just carrying it everywhere I go, just in case if I can slip in a few minutes to read. Highly recommended. Lisa Bevere, you have a new fan! Love!

And back to work. Took some time off to blog. Have an awesome mid week!!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life Week 16 & 17

Hello dear friends. Welcome back to my blog, I wonder if I have any readers. LOL! Do I?

Well regardless of readers, I've been blogging since 2008..it has always been my outlet of expression. I must say ever since I started blogging about my crafty passion, I rant less. LOL a good sign.

Anyways. Here's my completed PL spreads.

Week 16: A quieter week, recovering from S'wak trip.

Week 17: Reorganized my wardrobe and gave away quite a fair bit of clothes. So it was time for a makeover..............Shopping time! YAY! and a fantastic Faith Seminar in church. :)

Dug out my old Making memories Kraft sticker words, fairly untouched pack. Glad it fits so well with PL! Loving the Washi embellishment like, just a little bit but not too much. :)

Will post week 18 tomorrow. I am still so in love with Project Life. 

Photo Ratio
Iphone 28:28 (man, im so in love with you!!)

Have a great week lovelies.


Monday, May 6, 2013

The darkest night in 2013

The general elections for Malaysia on May 5th was the dirtiest to the core.

My heart aches so badly at our lost. Same ruling government for the last 55 years (corrupted idiots), milking away our resources and cheating their way to elections. I am terribly sore.

Out of 10M+ people who casted their votes, 5.4M+ belongs to opposition verses 5.2M with the ruling government BUT yet, the ruling government won Parliament seats. Now that is democracy for a corrupted government...Poor Malaysia.

To all Malaysians, Kudos for your bravery to stand up against Phantom voters, indelible ink, bribery, disunity, racism.....and many more mind boggling dirty tactics that has been thrown at us.

Malaysia is my country. I will not bad mouth it because the problem lies with the government. I love Malaysia, I love Penang & I am so proud of us Penang.



A few photos captured yesterday.

Left home at 7.05 am to hv breakfast then to vote.

Arrived 8.05am at my polling area. Queue started outside the school. A lot of early bird voters. Seriously, was happy to see a queue...responsible M'sians doing their duty.

9.00am. Duty completed. It was liberating to exercise my rights. Happy and HOPEFUL!

After which, I spent the morning & afternoon with my parents....then I went home to prepare snacks for the night's telecast with Aaron's family. My sis in law made Choc Fudge pudding for dessert.

Let us not loose hope for what is unseen but let Faith arise in the unseen for this Nation is changing. Greater things have yet to come.

Have a blessed Monday!

With Love. xoxo