Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little sneak peek on my desk

Good morning.

I'm excited to share my sneak peek for my new LO. I still have quite a bit of finishing touches but the idea & the base is there.

Sure hope I have time to complete it tonight, after our late night marketing for CNY (yes, its the eve of the our local wet markets are opened till midnight).

Its CNY week and look at our weather status. 24? Wow, so happy its breezy & windy. I am most certain i'll enjoy CNY more this year. Gonna pray hard it stays this way. :)

Have a great midweek friends. :)


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Been craving for fresh greens

So not complaining about this craving. Big YAY!

oh yes, I've been having broccoli cravings for the last couple of months. I just cant get enough of it. LOL. Hey no complains over something healthy & high in fiber right.

I made a simple pasta dish for dinner last night, with lots of garlic & chili flakes, more like broccoli Olio eh? hehehe

It tasted so fresh & yummy. Mmmmm. Love it.

Can you see how gorgeous this pan of pasta looks?? I still have left overs, happy girl. :)

So whats been cooking in your kitchen lately?

Monday, January 27, 2014

Project life week 2

Hello Peeps.

Celebrating 4 years of married life on 9th Jan 2014. What an interesting journey it has been. Come to think of it, I have grown so much after being a wife. Patience & endurance, and relying on God for supernatural strength & wisdom.....of coz I dont always rely on Him, there were many days I relied on my own strength and failed miserably....but He is always merciful & ever ready to help me when I call. Thank you God for watching over us. :)

This year, we decided to take a 3D 2N break to Camerons, like YAY! finally a chillaxing trip. It was colder than usual & rainy, but non the less a fun, do nothing kinda weekend, except to eat, talk & chill. 

So happy 4th Anniversary to us. :)

Spread 1: All the photos on this page was taken by my iphone.

Spread 2: Decided to let the photos do the talking. Colors are a tad bit saturated here, think Aaron's computer screen is going off.

We spent like 3 - 4 hrs in Boh. Fresh cool air with a magnificent view, just being wow-ed over and over again by how awesome God is. It was perfect to spend time with the maker on our little getaway.

Glad we manage to take this trip, celebrating our love. :)


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Proud Moment, Completed week 1. Yay!

PL ball is rolling baybeh!! *winks*

So glad the Mr. pushed me into documenting 2014. I am forever grateful. Another year of awesomeness! Cheers.

Week 1: only a one page spread but definitely pictures overloaded. Well it deserves to be coz we had so much fun. Joachim & Helena stayed over for 2 nights and we really enjoyed their company. 

So there you go, a lot of pictures from Interactive Museum.

For my filler page after the title page, I thought I'll fill it with our latest family photos. It was an impromptu, spur of the moment kinda shots. I just decided after dinner that we should all take a family photo with self timer. So there you go, meet the Cornelius family.

I wanted to keep it simple, quite heavy on the photos. I like the family quote. it says "Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten". So true right?

Anyways thats all from me now. 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10,000 Reasons

Sometimes all it takes is to slot in a little break to shift our focus back to what matters.

Yesterday I had a bit of diarrhea (6 times) & my stomach feels bloated causing me to have constant nausea. Technically I was working from my bed whole of Monday. Perhaps I'm physically tired, we have been on the go for the last few months, one after another. I tend to forget to get enough rest until my body forces me, & when that happens I'm usually flat out.

Its 5pm now. Listening to Kim Walker Smith's version of 10,000 reason. 

It is true, I literally have that many reasons to thank Him. Only January, and I'm wondering if we're at a crossroads again? Although crossroads is often referred to as something non positive, I'm beginning to see a different side of it. When at crossroads........I believe its a time for me to trust, I believe its a time to start 'Believing' that my new season is very near, maybe its just at the end of the tunnel. I believe it is a season to Hope, I believe it is a time to have Faith in the unseen.

Crossroads = Exploring new territory (if we believe & allow Him to take us thru this journey). Quite beautiful eh? I am convinced. 

And in this moment of wondering where is this all going? I will Bless the Lord.

In moments of feeling lost, I will Worship His holy name.

In moments of feeling alone, I will sing like never before, O my soul.

In moments of feeling like i've fallen into the darkest pit, Still my soul will sing Your praise unending.

Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.


Signing off,

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Another year of Project Life, a fresh start.

Oh wow, a 3 months hiatus from my previous post....yikes. 

Anyways I'm back!! I have decided to Project life for 2014 again, with much encouragement from Aaron, seriously he is like my biggest supporter to document our weekly progress. I know, I know so blessed right? *smiles*

Just a few days ago, I flipped thru my 2013 PL album, showing a friend how the year went by, she was amazed at how time flies. I must say 2013 was a beautiful year, truly a year of Faith... I know it sounds strange, but I didn't quite want 2013 to end.

Can we all agree that relationships are fragile? Actions, reactions not thought out properly can lead to serious damage, its like wreaking a beautiful garden. What took years or months to build can be damaged in a twinkle of an eye. More often that not these gardens will not look the same anymore. (Sad aint it)

Speaking the truth always has a price to pay, that includes with the possibility of putting yourself on the line to be snubbed. Now, that is one risk I know many will not take. But I'm wired differently, black is black & white is white, to me grey lines are blurred lines

One of my favorite Speaker & writer, Bill Hybels wrote "Being someone's spiritual brother or sister also means warning them of potential pitfalls in their lives - sometimes even before they themselves see trouble on the horizon." One of the biggest deception I've heard is, "people need to fall to experience it" 
I say its complete Bullshit (pardon my language). I believe God has place people in our lives to learn from, not to make the same mistakes so that we can advance in life and Not to be trap in the same cycle. Very skewed mentality.

Today I tweeted a quote from my other favorite Speaker, Lisa Bevere. "I'd rather speak & be labelled judgmental by others than remain silent & be judged a goat by God. Faith, hope, love & Righteousness have a voice." I love this woman, so true isn't it? hahahhaa. The word 'judging' is so wrongly use, the minute we say

"You are judging me!", you are also judging the person whom you referred to as judging you. Now isn't that ironic? Its like the pot calling the kettle black kinda situation. LOL...

Fuyoh, sounds like my post is getting darn serious. I'm just sharing some of my thoughts....oooo how I've missed blogging. :)

In essence, good relationships or friendships are hard to come by, Feel good friends do not stay very long...genuine friends who will cry, go thru fire with you & be completely truthful are worth keeping. Cherish them k?! :) 

Moving on, Im proud to say 2014 title page is completed. YAY!!

Aha, a very simple page - completely fuss free. Midnight collection on my first page. *happy girl*, and just a simple mobile photo. 

....and jeng jeng jeng, my first LO for 2014. Ever since Aaron started being behind the lens, we hardly have pictures of us. So its a good one to cherish. Just to highlight that I hand stitched the boxes!! And the rest of the embellishments were a mix of Amy Tangerine, Crate Paper, MME & Studio Calico.

Alrighty, I better end this post. Have a blessed weekend.