Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Continuing July inserts with Mei Li Paperie

Hello Hello,

Here I created a simple 2 page spread with this simple 4x4 pocket design by Becky Higgins. I used Mei Li paperie's Sweet Little You printables, you can download and print them...easy peasy. Jen created this printables for her new born but it is so versatile that you can use it for any occasion or projects.

For this first spread, I trim down the 4x6 'Hip Hip Hooray' card using an instagram die, and just printed two instagram photos. I was going for the minimalist look, so I didn't want to embellish much.

For the second spread, I used the 3x4 'Hi' card and trim it down to look like it was part of the photo. Decided to go with B&W photos with a hint of orange. I think it turned out alright. ;)

Check out Sweet Little You printables, and a blogpost over at Mei Li Paperie featuring the different use of this printable. 

Good news, if you use my link http://rwrd.io/4j9qmcj , you are entitled for 10% off your total purchase. YAY! So what are you waiting for? head over to Mei Li Paperie and restock some goodies.


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Spinach Omelette

All you need for this recipe is eggs (I use farm eggs, totally worth the price) and baby spinach. To give it that extra oomph, add a little bit of milk, a bit of grated parmesan, cayenne, salt and pepper. Thats it. I used 5 eggs for Aaron and I.

Spinach omelette, ready within minutes. Eat it on its own or on toast. 

Looks like a frittata, but I messed it up when turning over. Meh..

Had mine on toast and it was satisfying and delicious. 

Oh before I forget, do wash your spinach before cooking them, although the packaging said it is washed and ready to eat, I would recommend washing first so you won't get that sappy taste.

Do you have any special egg recipes to share? :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Project Life (First week of July)

Actually the above is the first insert for July spread. I must of gotten too excited that I blogged about the third spread instead of these two. LOL.

I am still subscribed to Studio Calico's monthly documenter kit, which is why I'm so so happy to be using them again. YAY!

So the spreads are pretty much self explanatory, will be using becky higgins date stamp on most of my spread ( I can only use it up to Dec 2016, kinda bump about that)

Really happy to document the time my aunty and her family spent in Penang. Raul turned 12 on 7th July and he wanted to celebrate it in Penang, oh not forgetting it was also Raya Holidays. Had a really good time with them. *cheers* 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Project Life 2016

Hello Hello,

I am technically restarting project life in July. Hooray. Trying really hard to catch up on documenting my second half of 2016. I love looking back at the memories made throughout the year. It certainly keeps me in check and helps me to be grateful. 

Although I really wanted to document in the 9" album, I just couldn't justify the need to purchase anything new. Since I already had the page protectors and album, all I needed to do was to fill them up. 

My goal is to keep it simple and if possible spend 45 mins a week on it. Lets see how that goes, I may have completed printing out all the photos for July. YAY to that. 

Are you a project lifer? or considering to be one?