Thursday, September 8, 2016

Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Spinach Omelette

All you need for this recipe is eggs (I use farm eggs, totally worth the price) and baby spinach. To give it that extra oomph, add a little bit of milk, a bit of grated parmesan, cayenne, salt and pepper. Thats it. I used 5 eggs for Aaron and I.

Spinach omelette, ready within minutes. Eat it on its own or on toast. 

Looks like a frittata, but I messed it up when turning over. Meh..

Had mine on toast and it was satisfying and delicious. 

Oh before I forget, do wash your spinach before cooking them, although the packaging said it is washed and ready to eat, I would recommend washing first so you won't get that sappy taste.

Do you have any special egg recipes to share? :)

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