Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Life week 4

Dearest Friends,

As promised, am back with PL week 4. I was thankful to have Monday off, so I took this opportunity to document my week 4. Boy was it a fun week. I didnt include all the pictures, if not it would have overflowed to a 3rd spread....just wanted it to be a 2 page spread. 


Both pages came by so quickly with the super cute invites. I just re sized it to 3x4 and printed it out on photo paper.

Page 1: Pinkish/purplish tone. I love how girlie this page is.

Page 2: Loving the blues & yellows. The colors were very inspiring to work with and loving the "starry" accent.

Oh and I had to include a picture of 'the impossible' because it was such a beautiful movie. 15 mins into the movie, I was crying to the end. Truly it was the hand of God that reunited this family again. Rising above the storms.

Alrighty peeps. I gotta get back to work.Have a beautiful midweek!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Project Life Week 3

Good Morning lovely friends,

Yesterday was replacement holiday for us folks in Malaysia, and I manage to complete week 4 of Project life. Shall update it tomorrow. :)

In week 3, we celebrated grandpa's 86th. What a blessing to have them around. We had come cooked meal (all grandpa's favorite dishes), and it was swell of a time. So glad I had a chance to document it.


Every picture has a story. :)

Spend some good quality time with the boys, Raul & Mikhail and with Uncle & Aunty. Also it was our first time attending SUARAM dinner. We had a great time in KL.

Have a great week!!


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Life Week 1 & Week 2

As I mentioned before, I'm on the bandwagon for Project life 2013. Up to date I have completed 3 weeks of documenting. Good job Sharon!!

I have always loved photographs and I am thrilled to be doing project life. I've been reading blogs after blogs & stalked instagrammers about PL so much that when 2013 came, I just knew how to PL. LOL, insane but true.

Being a beginner, I just bought the page protectors and some PL inserts, no album, no corekit. That being said, I am really considering Seafoam (If I get the kit then I will explain why it means so much!)

I do not PL daily, but I find that weekly works a lot for me, documenting Highlights of each week...and so far January 2013 has been really really eventful!!!

My most favorite page for now. It was so simple to put this together, the pictures and journalling just did it all. Oh and that neon pink washi is my obsession!! hahah.

Week 1 pg2
Mostly highlights of our 3rd Anniversary celebration & a map to remember where we stayed.

Week 1 pg1
Still missing one photograph, but its ok, will fill it up. Tucked in some memorabilia.

And the start of it all. 2013!!!
I love everything about Project life, and I look forward to filling up my pockets every week.
Love, Love, Love!!!

Alright thats all from me now, will blog about week 3 soon.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oh Hello there 2013

I know, its a little late for the welcoming, but better late than never. :)

Totally eventful December that left me stunt at how fast the last month flew by. Another Christmas gone.

It is scary to know that January is passing by quickly. 15 days into the new year....

Oh did I mention anything about Project life? Yup, i'm a project lifer now. I've almost completed up to week 2, will photograph it soon. I am so so excited with Project Life, and lets hope my excitement will carry thru till Dec 31st. :)

I guess thats all from me now. I'm excited to see where crafting takes me this year. Cheers to a very colorful year!!

2013, you will be a Fantastic year!!!