Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October Photo a Day w/ Instagram

Yay. Im so excited to join this. October is my favorite month & I love to instagram. Perfect combination.

For those who are interested in joining me, you can check out more details here:

Just take a photo & add a hash tag #FMSphotoaday

I'm ready for you October. *Loves*


Loving teal with black & white.

Good Morning my lovelies,

I'm in love with this color combo. Its so pretty. :)
Perfect black & white chevron to break the mono color.

I've hoarded this for more than a year. So glad to use them.

Satisfied crafter. Happy with how this turned out.
 Have a blessed Mid-week peeps.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Change of Blog add

Hello Awesome peeps, I;m guessing that all my subscribed readers are not receiving any updates from me...thats because I've changed it to

Give me until end of today and i'll change it back to Do update your links ya. Thank you awesome peeps!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

A personal journey:: Scrapbooked

Hello friends.

Its Monday. Is it a Monday high? or Monday Blues?

I've learned to accept that waking up on a Monday morning to work is part n parcel of my life right now. The day will come when my dream of becoming a homemaker will be fulfilled, all in His timing.....and so I'm thankful to have a job that pays my bills, supports my ministry, supports my side business, supports my hobby & passion & the occasional materials indulgement *winks* . Thank you Jesus, I am indeed grateful.

There is a sense of freedom that comes from accepting & surrendering our circumstances. Its liberating. :)

Back to the LO created, this is something to remember in my 2012 highlights. When we are obedient to God, He takes care of everything. Amen?!

That is why I have to document my thoughts, what I felt, what I went thru on this journey. A very special LO...indeed.

The rest of the technique & creativeness is self explanatory. :)

A brand new ME!
Adding paint to LOs. FUN!!
Its coming together...
Loving those handmade em-bellies. 
Something from my heart:: Something I firmly believe & testify.
God NEVER fails. Give Him a chance.

Have a beautiful week. Let us treasure every moment.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday already? Yippie YAY!

Weekend is here. So wonderful.

I'm super inspired with grids, like major SUPER! More if its sewn grids. Takes a bit more time but I'm in {Love}  :)

Here's a sneak i took on instagram. (Btw, all pics are taken from mobile, our baby canon is in workshop...*sobssss*)

I drew some faint lines with pencil and erased it once its sewn.
Can you tell my sewing skills are not quite there yet? LOL
How did it turn out? It was kinda challenging to have 9 boxes on a small card.
Was trying to not clutter.
A challenge to myself for using scraps to create this name sign. Oh boy, super challenging. I used a few new elements...cant help it.
Wasnt too bad. But I prefer using new things. :)
its called SCRAPbooking for a reason right? arghhhhh

Challenge completed. *pat on the back

Have a great weekend awesome peeps.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The overdue sneak reveal.

Remember this sneak? 

Well the reason why I've not revealed it is because our little Canon baby is at the repair shop, I love the quality so much that returning back to my Point n shoot was heart breaking....

Pretty insane right? sigh! So I thought, never mind, just take the damn picture. here i am..

The sneak.
TADA. The completed card.
Sweet Gumball machine!! :) Quite a happy colored card.
Another sneak on what I was up to on a public holiday, I worked for a while and decided to release some frustrations through crafting.

Learning to sprinkle paint....this is addictive, I love the outcome!!
Creating a self  'quote'....
Brand new ME!!

My most favorite part of this LO. This speaks of my heart. This speaks of my Believe. This speaks of how faithful my GOD is. This speaks of my Journey.

Have a beautiful week!! Live your day without wasting time.


Saturday in Pictures {15/09/12}

Aha, it was a working saturday for me. Was trying to finish some work over the weekend. Here are some pictures captured. :)

Cloudy Saturday. Perfect to be in bed right, but am out working.
Salted Caramel with Earl Gray Jelly (My most favorite jelly!!!!)
Sweet Mr. accompanied me. Love you!!
My view for the afternoon. Serene & calm, the smell of Starbucks relaxes me. 
And when we were about to leave, we had free mini frap sampling. So so cute!!!
So that was our day....

At night, we had a farewell meet up with two talented young dancers, and yes we were in Starbucks again!! LOL, just different location.

We bid farewell
I'm sure we will all dance again someday. :)

Good memories.

Dancing connects people. *Loves*


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A night of rest...

Both Aaron n I have very tight schedules, it almost seems like I have 2 full time jobs.

By day, I'm a Software engineer and in the evenings I have ministry meetings. I head a dance ministry called "Kingdom Dancers", I back-up sing and also am a worship leader. We belong to a charismatic prayer group called SWYF (Shalom Working Youth Fellowship). Hectic schedule? yes it is. In between we have Intercessory meetings, Prophetic meetings, review meetings, Seminars ...ect. 

We juggle our time with Praying, Family, Ministry, Friends, Classes n a little bit of hobby time. God is very good to us, He has blessed us so much that He has taken care of our every need. We are indeed thankful.

Last night, one of our meetings got cancelled and we manage to do some house chores (Laundry, folding clothes, dishes, sweeping, mopping) and I snoozed by midnight. Solid 7 hrs of sleep and I'm a happy girl.

I sat on my desk trying to craft something but it was sorta like a creative block, maybe I was too tired.....we facilitated a 2 day camp over the weekend, it was Awesome but super tiring.

Oh well, here are some instagram pics. :)

Rolled Flower.
Finally read the instructions:: Glue two strips of punched paper to give it a complete look. Duhh, took me 9 months to make it look normal, should just read instructions in future. LOL.
Sneak Preview....
Those banners are from Echo Park sticker. Thanks Josie Teh. Am putting it to good use. :) Btw, I'm not too sure why im kinda obsessed with this Basic Grey paper @Picadilly collection. Maybe it looks like vintage tiles or maybe im a sucker for the color yellow. LOL. Lets hope I can complete this tonight. Creative ideas come to mama!!!



Monday, September 10, 2012

This was my first LO of 2012

Hello Monday,

I bravely faced you after an awesome tiring weekend. Hah. Take that. :)

The LO below was my first LO of 2012, I know delay in posting....but better late than never. It was just something really simple, I wanted to capture the journaling more. Seeing this pic made me realized how fast the little ones grow. Every moment with them is precious. :)

Have a beautiful week ahead.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Photo Grid love.

Happy Friday!!

Weekend is here but it'll be a busy one for us. Mr.X and I will be facilitating in a church seminar, so I guess no crafting this weekend....we'll be pooped by then, just wanting to reach the bed.

To start the weekend, I created a LO last night. Super excited about this LO, as I {LOVE} grids!!! Although this is my first grid LO, im expecting more of it. Yippie~~excited.

Hmmmm...while writing my post, I realized I forgot the dots for the letter 'i'  =_= . Funny moments. hahahaha...Sharon oh Sharon.

Anyways as you can tell my sewing skills is probably pre-beginners stage....but im kinda loving the imperfection.

Italian night at Italianies
Photos printed from Instagram
(Products Used: Crate Paper, Amy tangerine, October Afternoon, Pink Paislee, MME, Echo Park)

Alright, I love my Sushi coz it saves me a lot of space & it looks sooo cute.... but sewing on a big piece of paper is difficult, basically there is hardly any space to maneuver. So if you are considering a small machine, I would suggest to go for the bigger one for more usage. :)

Thats all from me now. Have a Blessed Weekend dearies!!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

3rd Post this week...pat on the back!! :)

Hello crafty friends,

I really wanted to keep the crafting engine moving, so I squeezed in some time to create this card, yes after midnight that is.

Aside from my usual bold color scheme, thought I'll go with some pastels. 

How did I do?? :) Not too bad right. LOL.

I love you
"Ewe" are loved
This card design was sold to Smidapaper early this year for Valentines. Just a simple banner cuteness. I love the red and turquoise combination.

Just a simple post from me today. Have a great evening.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Birthday Cards

Some happy cards created in the last 5 days.

After a few months of not crafting, i faced a creative was like I wasn't sure where to begin, what pattern paper to use, where to place it. Oh dear, it was terrifying....but with persistence, I manage to complete it.
Yayness!! Not the best of design, but can do...:)

Hello Birthday
Super simple card, love the additional sparkles
Products Used: Bigz Die, Crate Paper Sticker, Studio G stamp

Happy Birthday to You!
A card is birthed when I found the negative of the butterfly too beautiful to be thrown.
Products Used: Washi Tape, My Minds Eye Brad, Elle's Studio, Blings

2 cards in an hour plus. I'm happy to be back, and hopefully to be inspired to create soon.

P/S: I'm loving all these beautiful pics from Mr.X . Thanks dear!! Love love.



Oh how I've missed blogging.

Its been the craziest 8 months, with super pack schedules.

What is taking up so much of my time? D A N C I N G. Yes I'm dancing again, with a missing ligament on my left knee, I'm dancing. God has a funny sense of humor, what the human mind cannot perceive, HE can. So with full obedience, I answered 'the Call', said 'Yes' and fully trusting HE is in control.

One day...maybe I'll blog about my dance journey. (Smiles)

So so, I've been haul-ing some goodies without putting it to use, and Mr.X says its time to create again (i know, very supportive kan?)....and so....

Jeng, Jeng, Jeng...
Scrapbook Haul & Birthday Lunch
Meet my crafty friends (Josie, Cindy Lee & Shu Yin).
Products Used: Crate Paper, My Mind's Eye, October Afternoon, Authentique, Amy tangerine
Beautiful Girls
Mr. X's little niece, she is Desirae Danya. Very adorable girl.
Products Used: Crate Paper, Echo Park, My Minds Eye, Amy Tangerine, Martha Stewart

Thats all from me now.