Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A night of rest...

Both Aaron n I have very tight schedules, it almost seems like I have 2 full time jobs.

By day, I'm a Software engineer and in the evenings I have ministry meetings. I head a dance ministry called "Kingdom Dancers", I back-up sing and also am a worship leader. We belong to a charismatic prayer group called SWYF (Shalom Working Youth Fellowship). Hectic schedule? yes it is. In between we have Intercessory meetings, Prophetic meetings, review meetings, Seminars ...ect. 

We juggle our time with Praying, Family, Ministry, Friends, Classes n a little bit of hobby time. God is very good to us, He has blessed us so much that He has taken care of our every need. We are indeed thankful.

Last night, one of our meetings got cancelled and we manage to do some house chores (Laundry, folding clothes, dishes, sweeping, mopping) and I snoozed by midnight. Solid 7 hrs of sleep and I'm a happy girl.

I sat on my desk trying to craft something but it was sorta like a creative block, maybe I was too tired.....we facilitated a 2 day camp over the weekend, it was Awesome but super tiring.

Oh well, here are some instagram pics. :)

Rolled Flower.
Finally read the instructions:: Glue two strips of punched paper to give it a complete look. Duhh, took me 9 months to make it look normal, should just read instructions in future. LOL.
Sneak Preview....
Those banners are from Echo Park sticker. Thanks Josie Teh. Am putting it to good use. :) Btw, I'm not too sure why im kinda obsessed with this Basic Grey paper @Picadilly collection. Maybe it looks like vintage tiles or maybe im a sucker for the color yellow. LOL. Lets hope I can complete this tonight. Creative ideas come to mama!!!



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