Friday, August 30, 2013

Project Life week 29

Hello Hello crafty friends,

Apologize for the long MIA...been busy.

Anyways I've almost caught up with PL. Here is week 29's spread. :)

For this spread I used typewriter for my journalling. I realize that I make a lot of grammar mistakes coz I'm typing with one hand and another holding the card, I find it kinda stressful, and as you can tell the text is like a wave. hahahaha... Any tips? And thanks to Josie, I have Jade Collection's cute card. YAY!!

Spread 2:
Just some random products for this page. So there. I'm still so in love with PL-ing and it has been a joy to flip thru my album (YES, I have a proper album now and its not secured by ring-binders!!Hooray!!!) and see how fast time has gone by.

I'll be back for week 30 & 31!! :)

Blessed Long weekend!!! God Bless Malaysia!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

A beautiful Mess 30 day Selfie challenge

I'm at half way point. Yay. Not too bad eh?

I definitely find it a challenge to be creative in photographing myself. Anyways I succeeded 15 days. Doing a celebration dance! Hah!

Another 15 days to go, I sure hope those creative juices will flow. LOL!

Blessed Thursday peeps!