Thursday, October 29, 2015

Engine's warmed up. Lets go!

Since crafting is my passion. I'm just gonna go all out, I should be revealing my good news in November. :)

Here's a card order I made, two days ago. Oh how I've missed piecing things makes my heart smile. Thank You God for making a way for me.

I guess this blog won't be dusty anymore. *winks*

Take care.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Embracing Change

Sometimes a really good time out is needed. Time to readjust, realigned 
and to reprioritised.

In this pass 11 months, I have learned that change is inevitable and in material if we're for it or not. In most cases, people are often not keen unless change is favourable to their circumstances.....technically that makes a whole lot of sense right? But in the real world we're put into situations which requires 
C H A N G E.

I've come to realise that Change is much harder for adulthood. We each have created our own belief system, developing our own patters and mind set. So it is definitely not easy to pluck oneself out from the old into a new territory.

While it is tough as poop, it is not impossible, we just need to shift our perspective view cam, to surrender the fear of the unknown and trust that God has the upper hand in every situation.

C H A N G E requires us to look inward (not in a selfish way) but to really dig deep within to answer those touchy questions. Change happens from within, which then translates to the renewal of mind, after that we will be able to embrace C H A N G E gracefully. It will then no longer have power to punch us in the face But it will work for our advantage. As strange as it sounds, there is no growth unless Change happens. With the right attitude and mindset, Change will lead us to bloom and blossom.

I have Jesus to thank for revealing this beautiful truth. The process of being uprooted is painful as hell but I'm glad we're being moulded to becoming vessels for His Kingdom.

Have a great day.