Thursday, June 27, 2013


Oh my gosh, double post? LOL

Indeed I am on a roll to catch up. YAY, am not doing too bad. :)

Week 24:
The week after ER2013, exhausted n lack of sleep but we made it. SWYF celebrated our 31st anniversary. Just a simple celebration with good company.
And a sweet surprise, i got to meet my boys, Raul & Mikhail, oh how they've grown.....

Week 25:
Keeping everything simple. A beautiful time spent with mom & dad. It was his belated father's day lunch @ Morgan Fields. It was just a really good weekend.

Oh if you can tell, this spread is missing a no.5...hahaha, no idea where it went to. 

There you go, pat on the back Sharon. Completed Week 25 and still loving PL. *Big Smile*


Keeping to my Promise Project Life Week 18 & Week 19

Hello again, :)

Forcing myself to finish up the nitty gritty details, starting to spend more time at my craft table...although it is beginning to look like a dumpster, hmmmm, not good.

Week 18 Spread 1:

May 1st, a public holiday in Malaysia, so it was declared as a hanging out day. YAY! Started our day with brunch and to our pleasant surprise met Josie & family. :)

Spread 2:
Loving what I do best, SHOPPING! and my all time favorite bubble tea. It is the BEST in town, I seriously recommend LA Tea (only in Queensbay & 1st Avenue)

Week 19 Spread 1:
Oh my, I wanted to fit so many photos into this spread. Awesome weekend. :)

Week 19 Spread 2:

Pretty much self explanatory..... Inspire & Experience.

Thank God for new friendships.

There you go, so glad to be catching up bit by bit. Hows your PL coming about?


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Project Life finally! Week 21 & Week 22

Greetings my dearest Friends.

So so happy to finally complete documenting 2 weeks of love. I've decided to work my way backwards, just because I can remember it more clearly. Although I'm playing catch up, am still loving PL and cannot help but feel blessed. :)

Week 21: Busy week preparing for ER2013, Thank goodness for having a couple of public holidays in between this hectic schedule, which I took the time to chill with my dearest Aaron, just spending some quality time.

Week 22: The final week of ER2013 preparations, getting things ready and packing for Kuching. Packing for a holiday trip versus a 'get involved' conference is totally different. We have to literally have a plan on what to wear, that includes packing dance attires & accessories that goes with it. Well it can get a little overwhelming. :)

Some close ups of pretty fillers making my life easier. I believe they are from Simple Stories. Love them. 

And a little sneak of Week 23, winner of the most documented spread, 6 pages. hahahah, seriously, no joke. But it was my pleasure to document every single detail of my experience. A well cherished moment. 

I love this glitter thickers by Amy Tan so much, Im planing to hoard them. Do you feel the same?? *winks*

Thats all from me now. Really hope to update soon. :)


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I am back!!

Hello friends,

I am back! Had a busy May & June but right now, schedule is slowly going back to normal, which means Project Life catch up. Oh yes, 4 whole weeks of photos to print and document...Im excited!

Anyways, while waiting to sort out my photos, I decided to make a simple card with some new papers from Amy Tangerine. :)

 Loving the ombre effect of this paper. And in love with the cute stamp.

 A little bit difficult to roll, but it stamps like butter. Glad I bought it! :)

And some ministry photos, while we were out in Kuching, ministering in dance. What an awesome experience. All Glory to God. 

 Malaysia Rise Up! to your CALL!!

Empowered Dance & Drama with Kingdom Dancers, Penang = Explosive love. :)

Thats all from me now, a lot of work to catch up! :)