Thursday, June 27, 2013

Keeping to my Promise Project Life Week 18 & Week 19

Hello again, :)

Forcing myself to finish up the nitty gritty details, starting to spend more time at my craft table...although it is beginning to look like a dumpster, hmmmm, not good.

Week 18 Spread 1:

May 1st, a public holiday in Malaysia, so it was declared as a hanging out day. YAY! Started our day with brunch and to our pleasant surprise met Josie & family. :)

Spread 2:
Loving what I do best, SHOPPING! and my all time favorite bubble tea. It is the BEST in town, I seriously recommend LA Tea (only in Queensbay & 1st Avenue)

Week 19 Spread 1:
Oh my, I wanted to fit so many photos into this spread. Awesome weekend. :)

Week 19 Spread 2:

Pretty much self explanatory..... Inspire & Experience.

Thank God for new friendships.

There you go, so glad to be catching up bit by bit. Hows your PL coming about?


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Cindy Lee said...

Wow! Look at you! You are definitely on a roll! I'm still struggling with my PL....:(