Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent, a beautiful season.

It seems almost unfair that one of our favourite season....called Advent, passing by so quickly. Well it is the 11th day....and christmas is merely 2 weeks away. Gosh that is really really fast. In all the hustle and bustle  I tend to forget that this season is about adoration....adoring the King of Kings who laid down His life for my salvation. Not only is He a King but also my best friend, His name is Jesus.

Have you ever met a God who is so selfless? A God who sacrificed Himself so that we can have eternal life. A God who is always inviting us to have a relationship with Him. He is the ONLY God who is capable of having a relationship with us.

Truly His love for us is beyond comprehension. It is too deep for us to grasp. What an honour to have Him as my Daddy, my best friend, my first love, my comforter, my pilot, my deliverer, my teacher. 

I must never forget that Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. We celebrate a God who is pure LOVE. Thank you for coming into this world and redeeming us. :)

On a crafty note, I may attempt to document December Daily..hmmmm. (after failing 3 years in a row). Well I am ambitious enough to prepare an album, we shall see how it goes. :)

Am loving the colour trend of December Daily in Studio Calico: Black, White & Red. An air of classy-ness eh? *winks*

And finally my beautiful tree is up. Lights are pretty, honestly, I can stare at it the whole night. Alrighty, its 1.00am, I should hit the sack soon.

If you are celebrating Christmas, I urge you to find out who this Jesus is. It is after all His birthday.

Good night.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Hello. I'm back.

My house is literally in a mess, rearranging and changing some things around. Its hard work but i love the results. Life is busy as a home maker, but my heart is filled with unexplainable joy. *big smiles*

I'm proud to say that my office/craft space is probably the cleanest at this point. 

Today on my desk is this lovely stamp I won in a Instagram giveaway by Kellie Stamps. YAY! Thank you Kellie, really appreciate this win. It really stamps like butter and leaves a crisp image. If you haven't gotten her stamps, you gotta get some. Seriously, no regrets. :)

Sunlight creates a whole lot of difference to the photo. The first one was taken in the morning, and the photo below was taken last evening before 6pm.

Alrighty peeps, I'm off to prepare dinner (or in some places supper?) for the Mr. I sure hope I can have the time to craft or start a December daily album? *winks*

Wishing you a great Mid-week!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Days are here!

Hello Friends,

Yes I just came back from a short hiatus. Was wrapping up the bits and pieces before i step into a new chapter in my life.

My dream of becoming a home maker is finally here, after fervently praying for 6 years, the time is now. My last service date in Motorola was 28th November.

The last two months have been a bitter sweet experience, saying goodbye to my daily routine of 10 years and redefining a new one. 

I was excited yet a little anxious about the future. It is quite daunting to move to a single salary income. None the less, I'm so blessed to have Aaron so supportive in this matter, it makes him so happy to know that I'm happy. All Glory to God for a godly man. *smiles*

So its been a week in this new journey of a home maker. How has it been? I've never been busier but I oh so love it. God is so so good. He is faithful and seriously His timing is the best, no strive because He has planned everything smoothly, my job was to only take that step of Faith & never looking back.

Hello New season. You will be awesome!

Truly He makes ALL things new. 

Enjoy this simple LO I created.

and, and I couldn't really blog coz I had to return my work laptop. We have been waiting for this customised beauty to arrive and it came this morning. YAY! Big big smile on my face. Thank you God. Oh yes and I'm blogging from my new iMac. *winks* I love it!

Cheers friends. Its the 8th day of Advent already, time you are moving too fast.
I hope to be back tomorrow :)


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hey Coffee

I have been creating some layouts last week. Creative juices were flowing...... *winks*

Here's my simple layout on my new love. Some espresso goodness. I added a tag to the glassine bag for my journalling. 

Not sure how but I never was a coffee fan, simple because I loathe coffee breathe...but but lately, say in the span of 8 months I have been loving the taste of coffee. Yikes! My usuals are flat white, cappucino or latte. Oh dang!!

Are you a coffee lover?


Literally a 4 day countdown..

Hello Friends,

This week, Monday woke me up with a nice surprise. I won a stamp giveaway on Instagram by Kellie Stamps , tagged by the sweet @kezlant. YAY! I was so so happy, this is my first win on Insta, I hope it will be the start of many more wins to come. Woohooo!

And the countdown of finally closing a chapter in my life and stepping into a new chapter. Its a bitter sweet experience, I am probably 70% excited + 20% comfortable but not exactly ecstatic with the present + 10% anxious about what is to come.

I may be more ready than I think I am. *smiles


Monday, November 17, 2014

Skipping Aug & September spreads

Oh dear, you read it correctly.

Am skipping Aug & Sep spreads to document one of my favorite month. Its called the birthday month. :) haha so lame but so true. That's how much importance I place on birthdays.

So here you go, here's week 40.

Wishing you a kick-ass Monday! Hai Yak!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Workspace Thursday?

Hello Friends.

Today I will show you a few sneaks on my workspace. I have been working on some scrapbook layouts, a few PL spreads and also some birthday cards.

I wouldn't say that November is an overly busy month, but still our schedule is pretty pack. I cant wait to fill you in on the big change that is happening end of November, only 2 more weeks. Hooray!

So here, we have a journalling tag, added that into my LO.

And a sneak peek. Simple is my middle name as of 2014. I've been digging muted pastel colors, a lot of white space with sprinkles of embellishments. Seriously my style has evolved. *big smile*

I am totally loving that rub-ons are making a come back. They were my first love to scrapbook embellishments. YAY!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Quite a relaxing weekend

Let me start by sharing a simple card I made for my cousin's 21st bday.

Just a simple card but yet, different because of how graphic it looks.

An afternoon with Aaron. A lot of discussion and planing to accommodate the big change that is coming. Excited yet a little anxious about the unknown. We can only be good stewards to plan but really God is still in control.

Lovely coffee & lemon meringue to accompany our conversation.

And on Sunday, we took a slow drive up to Tanjung Tokong to have this. Simple malay food. Simple pleasures in life. :)

Wishing you an awesome week ahead. 


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Completed Week29 spread

Hello Hello,

Another completed spread. I need to keep the ball rolling. 

I love how the cream & peach pink compliments each other so well, almost match made, yea?  

Isn't my Ah Mah (maternal grandma) beautiful? I love her. She took care of me for 12 years, since birth and love me with all her heart. I should really spend more time with her. I know time is ticking, and every day is a bonus. 

I'll be seeing her this Saturday for her bday lunch. She will be turning 79.

Just a simple spread but a lot of memories captured. That's the best thing about Project Life, documenting moments.

Currently on my desk.

2 weeks ago, I cleaned the mess. Now, the mess is back. I'm beginning to think that cleaning your desk is a constant affair. Duhhh~ hahha. I love to be organized but organizing it is a whole different ball game. *smacks myself*

Oh well. The cleaner the space, the more inspired I become...arghhhh!

Have a great day peeps. :)


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project Updates.

Finally completed one spread of PL which has been sitting on my desk for like months. This was a July spread. haha. Oh dear, im so behind.

After completing the spread, I just felt like creating a card, something simple and yet modern. Loving how CAS this card turned out to be. Due to bad lighting, the card is actually prettier in person. :)

Am slowly getting back into my crafting groove, also trying to cope with some major transitions. Excited yet somewhat anxious about the unknown territory. Faith in action is trusting. 

Alright, wishing you beautiful mid-week. :)


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Time out?

Today. Today was interesting.

At about lunch hour, I had a flat tyre. I thought I could drive slowly till I reach home, nehhhh, that didn't happen, it was so flat & it started making loud noises. Yea time to pull over. 

Aaron was in an appointment at that time, so I had to wait around 50 mins in the car, feeling somewhat annoyed, irritated , angry and HUNGRY.....and the weekly maid was arriving at 2pm. Arghhh.

After my tyre was sorted out I rushed back in the rain. An hour later the maid tripped the house electricity, add another hour to the equation, she tore the suction cord from our vacuum cleaner, yes literally tore it, no more vacuum cleaner for today I guess. Back to the old school broom and dust pan.

And hour after that, we had another power trip, and this time I couldn't get the switch to work....waited for almost 2 hours for the power to come back on but that didn't happen either, so here I am, chilling in Starbucks with some green tea frap. Sure hope the electricity will be sorted out when I reach home. 

No point wasting my energy getting irritated with what I can't change, might as well enjoy the coldddd air con & free wifi. Life circumstances can be so strange at times, most of then time we're not in control but what I do know is , I am in control of how I react to each circumstance thrown at me. The battle is totally His.

Wishing you a good Thursday evening 😊


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Another card.

Good Morning.

Am having a super tight schedule again.

Really need to get back on track with Project life....but no fret, I can do a monthly spread if needed. ;)

In the mean time, creating cards is satisfying my random urges. Haha. I know temporary satisfaction, but its working. :)

Thats all from me. Short post. Give me a couple of months and I should be consistently blogging again. I'm the midst of a huge transition, say a prayer for me. Take care peeps.


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bundle of Joy

Hello Lovelies,

I love to create baby cards, they make me smile. What a joy right.

I am still waiting, waiting to become a mummy. The wait is long, only God knows when little peanut will arrive but I hope and anticipate for his/her arrival.

Truly no words can console a waiting parent, but what is needed is prayers and a sensitive heart. :)

Happy Thursday peeps!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh happy Day

.....coz am back to crafting.

Had a change of routine in last 3-4 weeks, basically after work, if I dont have any church practices or meetings, I will just chill at home and be in His presence. I know that my PL weeks are piling up but I was totally not inspired to craft, so I just allowed my body to rest. :)

I should listen to my body more often, sometimes it just wants to repair and reset, if that makes any sense.

Last night while hubs were watching Les Miserable for the hump-tine times, I decided to sneak into my craft room and create this simple card.

It was really a super simple card, made from some scrap paper and my butterfly punch, which I've neglected for a while.

Happy to create beautiful things again. :)

Have a great week.


Friday, July 25, 2014

Week 28 spread 2

Hello Friends,

Its Friday! Yee-haaa!

I think this may be my favorite spread in 2014. Just loving the mint green with black and white.....really refreshing colors. I wish I had more of the dear lizzy papers. Minimal approach to PL is the best for me. Yay!

Super love how this navy photo corner by Pink Paislee blended so well in this spread.

Simple title card on the 2nd spread. Thought it needed some change. :)

When in doubt, use thickers. They can fill up the space like a charm.

I have 2 more spreads on this beach getaway, hahah photos overloaded, yea just not practical for me to make a mini album when I can just fit in an extra page to this week. So stay tuned...

I'm taking a trip down south tomorrow to attend a seminar, hopefully i'll be back with a post by wednesday. :)

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week 28 Spread 1

Hello Thursday.

So happy to come so far with Project life, considering I was like 10 weeks behind after I came back from London.

No pressure, I really enjoy the process. :)

Here you go, Spread 1 out of 4 for our beautiful beach getaway.

Diagonal journaling...pretty cool. :) 

 & the spread will not be complete without some stitching. 

Have a beautiful day.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Workspace Wednesday & some random stories.

Hello Friends.

Its midweek....and I'm terribly sleepy.

So I have decided to blog about my random craving last night. Mind you, it was after dinner that I felt like having a hot bowl of 'Bah Kut Teh', seriously, no hunger pangs, just pure hormones kicking in....I suppose. Haha.

Aaron was really so sweet to drive me to town to get some errands done & after which, he took me to have my hot soup. Yay! It was so so yummy and satisfying.....i hope this will not be repeated again, supper is really bad.

If you are living in Penang, try the BKT in 'Green House, burmah Road' So delicious. :)

Currently on my messy desk, WIP for my PL spread.

Thats all from me now.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Give me Jesus

God answers prayers.

He even listens to my whispering thoughts.

Just when I finished penning my desire to want to fall in love with Him more and more, He led me to find this song.

Give Me Jesus
Traditional African-American Spiritual/bridge by Matt Stinton

©2013 Bethel Music Publishing

Give me Jesus
You can have all this world
Give me Jesus

Give me the One my soul delights in
Give me the One in whom my hope is securely found

Give me the One my soul delights in
Give me the One in whom my hope is securely,

Securely found
[repeat 4x]

Be Blessed dearest friends.

Truly Jesus is all I need. 

Hello Hello

A brand new week.

How are you doing? Did you have a good weekend?

Here's my completed week 27:

Its all about pinks and yellows. I was happy to find inserts that match my background wall, and thats how the whole spread came about. Just a fun spread to create. 

Stitch away.....

Added a wood veneer to for some texture.

& currently my desk looks something like this, its messy:

Wishing you a great week. :)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Tragic Friday

Hello Friends.

Tragic Friday for us Malaysians.

Slightly before midnight on 17/07, I receive a text saying that a Malaysian plane has crashed in Ukraine. I thought it was a hoax until I channel surfed to CNN....tragically enough, the plane crash has been confirmed. 

MH17 has been shot down and at present, no survivors....a whooping total of 295 passengers including crew members on board. I was speechless. My heart totally sadden. My eyes swelled up with tears. I couldn't understand the sadness, I was totally disturbed. 

A short while later, Aaron came home. We watched the live updates on CNN, trying to figure out what in the world happened. Then Aaron turned to me and said, dear.. I'm so glad you are here & you didn't blow up in midair. We exchange a silent agreement, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. You see, 2 months ago, I was flying across the same Ukraine route from Heathrow to KL by MAS, in a Boeing 777. Who would have predicted that another aviation tragedy would take place after MH370, a short span of 4 months. 

I was restless until about 2am. Too many questions, too many 'what ifs' situations on my mind. I could only surrender to God.

Today, I woke up still feeling quite shock & sad.....but I am also thankful that I am alive, I am reminded to be grateful for the things around me.

Before I received news about MH17, I was actually crafting. Thank you God for the gift of creativity & a space I can call my own.

Here's a simple card created with scrap papers. I hoarded the rosette ribbons a few years back, think its from Maya road?? decided to put it to good use. hehe. Happy Birthday stamp is from Hero Arts. So happy I used some oldie but goodie stuff. :)

Wishing a happy weekend ahead.

You are treasured dear friends. I love you.


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back from Vacay and completed Week 25 & 26.


Had a superb beach vacay, now somewhat recharged and back to work. :)

Week 25:

Seaform + Orange combo. Truly a simple spread with iphone photos. 

Yes to more stitching! *winks*

Loving the star clip from studio calico.

Crate paper cutouts are a must!

Week 26:

Simple starry week. :)

Am super loving the gold stickers from chictags. yee ha!

I love how messy my stitching is, the loose ends are good accents to the page. Try it. ;)

Still having so much of fun documenting Project Life. Woohoo!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014


.......big hug to all of you.

Am doing the happy dance coz I'll be leaving tonight for a beach hols. wooohooo!

Created this LO last week, inspired by Magda's. It was truly a simple LO but I had a ton of fun playing with the embellishments.

Oh yes and it was my first time crafting on a 8X10 layout.

Love the feather stitching!

Cute flower accents from Pink Paislee.

I had some old MME chipboard accents & the aqua just blended into the layout. Really happy to finish using my older stash. Yay!

Thats all from me now. I shall be on hiatus from the blogging world till next week....but I will be updating my trip on insta. :)

Tata & Blessings!