Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Workspace Wednesday

Hello. I'm back.

My house is literally in a mess, rearranging and changing some things around. Its hard work but i love the results. Life is busy as a home maker, but my heart is filled with unexplainable joy. *big smiles*

I'm proud to say that my office/craft space is probably the cleanest at this point. 

Today on my desk is this lovely stamp I won in a Instagram giveaway by Kellie Stamps. YAY! Thank you Kellie, really appreciate this win. It really stamps like butter and leaves a crisp image. If you haven't gotten her stamps, you gotta get some. Seriously, no regrets. :)

Sunlight creates a whole lot of difference to the photo. The first one was taken in the morning, and the photo below was taken last evening before 6pm.

Alrighty peeps, I'm off to prepare dinner (or in some places supper?) for the Mr. I sure hope I can have the time to craft or start a December daily album? *winks*

Wishing you a great Mid-week!


1 comment:

Robin said...

That stamp is so cute! I love how craft you are!