Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy Days are here!

Hello Friends,

Yes I just came back from a short hiatus. Was wrapping up the bits and pieces before i step into a new chapter in my life.

My dream of becoming a home maker is finally here, after fervently praying for 6 years, the time is now. My last service date in Motorola was 28th November.

The last two months have been a bitter sweet experience, saying goodbye to my daily routine of 10 years and redefining a new one. 

I was excited yet a little anxious about the future. It is quite daunting to move to a single salary income. None the less, I'm so blessed to have Aaron so supportive in this matter, it makes him so happy to know that I'm happy. All Glory to God for a godly man. *smiles*

So its been a week in this new journey of a home maker. How has it been? I've never been busier but I oh so love it. God is so so good. He is faithful and seriously His timing is the best, no strive because He has planned everything smoothly, my job was to only take that step of Faith & never looking back.

Hello New season. You will be awesome!

Truly He makes ALL things new. 

Enjoy this simple LO I created.

and, and I couldn't really blog coz I had to return my work laptop. We have been waiting for this customised beauty to arrive and it came this morning. YAY! Big big smile on my face. Thank you God. Oh yes and I'm blogging from my new iMac. *winks* I love it!

Cheers friends. Its the 8th day of Advent already, time you are moving too fast.
I hope to be back tomorrow :)


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