Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some crafty updates.

I had the night to myself as aaron went for his meeting. Heres what I did...

1. I kept the dry clothes
2. Folded like 2 weeks worth of clothes while watching ANTM cycle 14, some UK dance show & Guiliana& Bill
3. Did another load of laundry
4. Hung the wet clothes
5. Went in to my craft room to prepare for my december daily mini album. Yeay! I finally started.

Then aaron came back from meeting and bought me this, he's a sweetheart.

Red Velvet Cake (love the cream cheese)

Thanks to Cindy, this is day 1. (She gave me some christmas papers. Sweet!)

I wanted this to be day 24, I absolutely adore Christmas Eve...perfect card!

Super messy table, trying to kickstart this project.
December Daily 2010 by Ali Edwards, Who's with me for this project?

I'm in a bit of a poloroid craze, so I asked Aaron if I could have it for christmas, he told me to consider a printer. *Sigh* I'll pray harder, who knows it'll be under the tree. LOL!

Have a great day crafty friends.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Masculine Card Challenge by Smidapaper

Greetings to all on a lovely Tuesday.

Smidapaper is hosting a challenge on Pink Masculine Card. Yea I know....."PINK???"" But I decided to take up this challenge. I had quite a tough time figuring out the papers but when I received my Studio Calico kit, i was drawn to this pink woodgrain (My Mind's Eye), it was somewhat masculine.

So no laces, pearls and doilies, just a simple card with some office supplies. (=

"Pssssssttttt, winner of this challenge gets RM50 voucher in the new store". How exciting!!!

Lovely Card from my dearest husband

Dearest crafty friends, thank you for the lovely birthday wishes and truly made my day. (=

I had a fabulous birthday, and look what my husband made?

Awww......such a sweet card. After seeing this card, i so wanna make a card with balloons. Shall we make one? The mess on my table tells me he had a lot of fun making it. Aaron told me he sat on my desk 15 mins just planning and choosing the papers. I'm glad he used kraft, my fav of the lot.

He is just the sweetest guy. I'm so so blessed to have him.

I love you dear Aaron.
Thank you for the lovely day, you make me feel so special. xoxo!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Masculine Birthday Card

....for my uncle.

Tough challenge to create something masculine....or so it was to me.

I'm a girlie girl when it comes to crafting....pinks, laces, buttons, frills, I drool on them. Oh well, in my opinion, crafting in its essence has feminine qualities....hahhaa. The rise of the chromosomes!!!! LOL!

Here's a card for a special man who celebrated on 10-10-10.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Morning Crafty friends. How was your weekend?

Mine was just busy busy, almost reaching the year end mark. but but...I manage to make this for my cousin while cleaning my craft space on saturday.

Wanted to try some layering, boy must I admit its super fun to layer. Kinda like how the lace layering turned out....(=