Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some crafty updates.

I had the night to myself as aaron went for his meeting. Heres what I did...

1. I kept the dry clothes
2. Folded like 2 weeks worth of clothes while watching ANTM cycle 14, some UK dance show & Guiliana& Bill
3. Did another load of laundry
4. Hung the wet clothes
5. Went in to my craft room to prepare for my december daily mini album. Yeay! I finally started.

Then aaron came back from meeting and bought me this, he's a sweetheart.

Red Velvet Cake (love the cream cheese)

Thanks to Cindy, this is day 1. (She gave me some christmas papers. Sweet!)

I wanted this to be day 24, I absolutely adore Christmas Eve...perfect card!

Super messy table, trying to kickstart this project.
December Daily 2010 by Ali Edwards, Who's with me for this project?

I'm in a bit of a poloroid craze, so I asked Aaron if I could have it for christmas, he told me to consider a printer. *Sigh* I'll pray harder, who knows it'll be under the tree. LOL!

Have a great day crafty friends.



Wishful Thinking said...

Chuckling at you with your washing! :-) It's a never ending chore around this place!
Good luck with your Dec Daily album. I'm not doing it sorry ... I will be honest ... I still haven't finished my Dec 08/Jan 09 Daily Album sigh! I mean to ... just haven't made it there yet. Oh well ... one day ;-)

Cindy Lee said...

Can't wait to see the completed album! Way to go gal!!!

Josie said...

i agree with Cindy... do show us when it's completed... :D

teacher jessy said...

Well tell me bout laundry... Lol!! But I am thankful that Eric helps alot at home especially with the laundry!! I can't wait to peek into ur daily album :)