Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Oh happy Day

.....coz am back to crafting.

Had a change of routine in last 3-4 weeks, basically after work, if I dont have any church practices or meetings, I will just chill at home and be in His presence. I know that my PL weeks are piling up but I was totally not inspired to craft, so I just allowed my body to rest. :)

I should listen to my body more often, sometimes it just wants to repair and reset, if that makes any sense.

Last night while hubs were watching Les Miserable for the hump-tine times, I decided to sneak into my craft room and create this simple card.

It was really a super simple card, made from some scrap paper and my butterfly punch, which I've neglected for a while.

Happy to create beautiful things again. :)

Have a great week.


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