Friday, July 18, 2014

Tragic Friday

Hello Friends.

Tragic Friday for us Malaysians.

Slightly before midnight on 17/07, I receive a text saying that a Malaysian plane has crashed in Ukraine. I thought it was a hoax until I channel surfed to CNN....tragically enough, the plane crash has been confirmed. 

MH17 has been shot down and at present, no survivors....a whooping total of 295 passengers including crew members on board. I was speechless. My heart totally sadden. My eyes swelled up with tears. I couldn't understand the sadness, I was totally disturbed. 

A short while later, Aaron came home. We watched the live updates on CNN, trying to figure out what in the world happened. Then Aaron turned to me and said, dear.. I'm so glad you are here & you didn't blow up in midair. We exchange a silent agreement, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes. You see, 2 months ago, I was flying across the same Ukraine route from Heathrow to KL by MAS, in a Boeing 777. Who would have predicted that another aviation tragedy would take place after MH370, a short span of 4 months. 

I was restless until about 2am. Too many questions, too many 'what ifs' situations on my mind. I could only surrender to God.

Today, I woke up still feeling quite shock & sad.....but I am also thankful that I am alive, I am reminded to be grateful for the things around me.

Before I received news about MH17, I was actually crafting. Thank you God for the gift of creativity & a space I can call my own.

Here's a simple card created with scrap papers. I hoarded the rosette ribbons a few years back, think its from Maya road?? decided to put it to good use. hehe. Happy Birthday stamp is from Hero Arts. So happy I used some oldie but goodie stuff. :)

Wishing a happy weekend ahead.

You are treasured dear friends. I love you.


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