Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fruitful Monday evening

Was truly happy to get the night off, choir practice cancelled....so this busy girl had a bit of time to herself.

So its goodbye to June & Hello July. 2nd half of the year friends, that's crazy! No kidding, christmas is coming soon. Insane! 

So lately I've discovered that it is possible for me to have Pasta 2-3 nights a week. Home made that is. I usually do not have a particular recipe, more like I check out whats in my fridge & just whip up something. MY fridge is kinda empty at the moment, I found one carrot, thats all. haha. So decided to try that with some sausages. Turned out pretty yummy.

I realized that I've not been creating much LO, up to date only 3. Found this photo which I printed of my friends months ago and decided to use it. Due to lack of supplies, I wanted to keep everything simple. There is something catchy with the minimalist approach, so no complains of limited embellishments. 

Vohla, Titled my LO 'Lifetime Jewels'. Simple and to the point. Completed this in 1.5 hrs. Not too bad right?

Added some stitching. I love doing that.

Flair button that says it all.

Yay! So glad I made this LO. Gotta keep my creative muscle moving.

And as we begin the month of July, May you have a fantastic fruitful month.



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