Thursday, October 23, 2014

Time out?

Today. Today was interesting.

At about lunch hour, I had a flat tyre. I thought I could drive slowly till I reach home, nehhhh, that didn't happen, it was so flat & it started making loud noises. Yea time to pull over. 

Aaron was in an appointment at that time, so I had to wait around 50 mins in the car, feeling somewhat annoyed, irritated , angry and HUNGRY.....and the weekly maid was arriving at 2pm. Arghhh.

After my tyre was sorted out I rushed back in the rain. An hour later the maid tripped the house electricity, add another hour to the equation, she tore the suction cord from our vacuum cleaner, yes literally tore it, no more vacuum cleaner for today I guess. Back to the old school broom and dust pan.

And hour after that, we had another power trip, and this time I couldn't get the switch to work....waited for almost 2 hours for the power to come back on but that didn't happen either, so here I am, chilling in Starbucks with some green tea frap. Sure hope the electricity will be sorted out when I reach home. 

No point wasting my energy getting irritated with what I can't change, might as well enjoy the coldddd air con & free wifi. Life circumstances can be so strange at times, most of then time we're not in control but what I do know is , I am in control of how I react to each circumstance thrown at me. The battle is totally His.

Wishing you a good Thursday evening 😊


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