Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Completed Week29 spread

Hello Hello,

Another completed spread. I need to keep the ball rolling. 

I love how the cream & peach pink compliments each other so well, almost match made, yea?  

Isn't my Ah Mah (maternal grandma) beautiful? I love her. She took care of me for 12 years, since birth and love me with all her heart. I should really spend more time with her. I know time is ticking, and every day is a bonus. 

I'll be seeing her this Saturday for her bday lunch. She will be turning 79.

Just a simple spread but a lot of memories captured. That's the best thing about Project Life, documenting moments.

Currently on my desk.

2 weeks ago, I cleaned the mess. Now, the mess is back. I'm beginning to think that cleaning your desk is a constant affair. Duhhh~ hahha. I love to be organized but organizing it is a whole different ball game. *smacks myself*

Oh well. The cleaner the space, the more inspired I become...arghhhh!

Have a great day peeps. :)


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