Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday in Pictures {15/09/12}

Aha, it was a working saturday for me. Was trying to finish some work over the weekend. Here are some pictures captured. :)

Cloudy Saturday. Perfect to be in bed right, but am out working.
Salted Caramel with Earl Gray Jelly (My most favorite jelly!!!!)
Sweet Mr. accompanied me. Love you!!
My view for the afternoon. Serene & calm, the smell of Starbucks relaxes me. 
And when we were about to leave, we had free mini frap sampling. So so cute!!!
So that was our day....

At night, we had a farewell meet up with two talented young dancers, and yes we were in Starbucks again!! LOL, just different location.

We bid farewell
I'm sure we will all dance again someday. :)

Good memories.

Dancing connects people. *Loves*


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