Monday, January 27, 2014

Project life week 2

Hello Peeps.

Celebrating 4 years of married life on 9th Jan 2014. What an interesting journey it has been. Come to think of it, I have grown so much after being a wife. Patience & endurance, and relying on God for supernatural strength & wisdom.....of coz I dont always rely on Him, there were many days I relied on my own strength and failed miserably....but He is always merciful & ever ready to help me when I call. Thank you God for watching over us. :)

This year, we decided to take a 3D 2N break to Camerons, like YAY! finally a chillaxing trip. It was colder than usual & rainy, but non the less a fun, do nothing kinda weekend, except to eat, talk & chill. 

So happy 4th Anniversary to us. :)

Spread 1: All the photos on this page was taken by my iphone.

Spread 2: Decided to let the photos do the talking. Colors are a tad bit saturated here, think Aaron's computer screen is going off.

We spent like 3 - 4 hrs in Boh. Fresh cool air with a magnificent view, just being wow-ed over and over again by how awesome God is. It was perfect to spend time with the maker on our little getaway.

Glad we manage to take this trip, celebrating our love. :)


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