Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10,000 Reasons

Sometimes all it takes is to slot in a little break to shift our focus back to what matters.

Yesterday I had a bit of diarrhea (6 times) & my stomach feels bloated causing me to have constant nausea. Technically I was working from my bed whole of Monday. Perhaps I'm physically tired, we have been on the go for the last few months, one after another. I tend to forget to get enough rest until my body forces me, & when that happens I'm usually flat out.

Its 5pm now. Listening to Kim Walker Smith's version of 10,000 reason. 

It is true, I literally have that many reasons to thank Him. Only January, and I'm wondering if we're at a crossroads again? Although crossroads is often referred to as something non positive, I'm beginning to see a different side of it. When at crossroads........I believe its a time for me to trust, I believe its a time to start 'Believing' that my new season is very near, maybe its just at the end of the tunnel. I believe it is a season to Hope, I believe it is a time to have Faith in the unseen.

Crossroads = Exploring new territory (if we believe & allow Him to take us thru this journey). Quite beautiful eh? I am convinced. 

And in this moment of wondering where is this all going? I will Bless the Lord.

In moments of feeling lost, I will Worship His holy name.

In moments of feeling alone, I will sing like never before, O my soul.

In moments of feeling like i've fallen into the darkest pit, Still my soul will sing Your praise unending.

Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.


Signing off,

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