Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attracted to mono chromatic?

Well it does seem that way in my last few outfits.

Black, White & Gray. Who doesn't love them right? I have decided to do OOTD postings to promote modesty to Godly women. Hopefully I will keep it coming for a long time......actually it does mean that I would need to clean/rearrange my closet pretty often to accommodate new items. Yay to new clothes but Nay to cleaning. Or a new cupboard, but that would mean hoarding on clothes. Oh dear God, give me grace to do so.

 Quite loving this combo, a little bit of print to spice up the mono theme.

 Trying to restyle an old maxi, with a white shirt. Not exactly sure if I'm loving this look but it did give it a new look. :)

Whats with me and stripes right? I recently added 3 new stripe pieces into my wardrobe. Oh dear, better not anymore. Btw, the necklace im wearing is my latest favorite. Totally obsessed with it! I'm wearing it with every outfit. LOL!

Well thats all from me now. Took a break from my overwhelming work deadlines. Do you have any tips to share on restyling? :)


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