Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Project Life Week 16 & 17

Hello dear friends. Welcome back to my blog, I wonder if I have any readers. LOL! Do I?

Well regardless of readers, I've been blogging since 2008..it has always been my outlet of expression. I must say ever since I started blogging about my crafty passion, I rant less. LOL a good sign.

Anyways. Here's my completed PL spreads.

Week 16: A quieter week, recovering from S'wak trip.

Week 17: Reorganized my wardrobe and gave away quite a fair bit of clothes. So it was time for a makeover..............Shopping time! YAY! and a fantastic Faith Seminar in church. :)

Dug out my old Making memories Kraft sticker words, fairly untouched pack. Glad it fits so well with PL! Loving the Washi embellishment like, just a little bit but not too much. :)

Will post week 18 tomorrow. I am still so in love with Project Life. 

Photo Ratio
Iphone 28:28 (man, im so in love with you!!)

Have a great week lovelies.



Cindy Lee said...

Love how each page is different in color! Show more :)

Sam said...

I am your reader lah!! love the week 16 title card. I was thinking of doing a black and white only weekly spread. now that your title card inspired me!!