Monday, April 25, 2011

2 weeks ago, I spent a week with...

my dearest Family. Celebrating my gramps' Diamond Anniversary.

They are the cutest couple ever & I heart them to bits. Everybody took time off to be back in KL, and spent the most magical week. We had a relatively simple do at home, 4 tables to be exact and Aaron and I sang a song for them. Lots of laughter and lots of memories made.

I gifted them a shadow box. A lovely picture taken at my wedding.

Seriously, arent they the cutest?

By their example, we are a family forever!

60 years of Blessings and Many more....

P/S: If i live to celebrate my Diamond Anniversary, I would be 80+

(Just a random thought. LOL!)

A custom order for a birthday card with gold bars or money....(It was indeed a challenge)

So I went in between and did a pot of gold.

Sure hope it didnt look strange.

Have a great week crafters!!




happy anniversary to your grandparents..keep the love growing =)
what a loveyl LO!

Josie said...

love your framed LO!

Blossom inch said...

what a wonderful gift and that card is also nice. Thanks for sharing!

vivacela said...

Lurve ur shadow box! Its the perfect gift for ur gramps!
I like ur card too.Its cute laaa
Psst..where did you get ur duck stamp?

Anonymous said...

wow.. Fab project dear... I totally heart this frame for your gramps.. invaluable. Love the subtle colours.

Your gold coin card is gorgeous too! LOVE LOVE it :D

Sheila said...

very talented, you =)

Craftylicious said...

Happy Anniversary to your grandparents dearie!! lovely altered shadow box!! and ur granparents sure are cute! :)

teacher jessy said...

You did an awesome gift for ur grandparents! Love how u kept it so lovely! Love the blue and it went perfect with the white shadowbox :)