Thursday, February 13, 2014

Am I developing a Skater Skirt obsession?

...hahaha....i think I am...

Last Saturday I OOTD-ed on Instagram with this cutest daisy Skater skirt from H&M. It is so super comfy & I think I'm in love with skater skirts.

I never took a liking to skater styles coz I always thought it was designed for petite looking girls, with a smaller tush & slimmer hip bone, boy was I wrong. Not too sure about other brands, but the ones in H&M fitted me like a glove. Hooray!!!

 Can I tell you that I literally cant get enough of this mustard cardi. I so want to wear it with everything...i think its obvious from my Instagram?! hah!

This polka dot jumper is sooo cute...but I wasn't too sure if the price suited me. What do you think of skirt no.2? 

I'm secretly in love with the grey piece. Its grey!! everything looks pretty in grey. haha. While I do think skirt no.2 is more flattering, but im more attracted to the grey. Hmmmm..... 

Perhaps when in doubt, we just buy all?? hahahha.

Anyways, work is ending in 5 mins. :) Goodbye friends!

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