Tuesday, February 25, 2014

With a clean space, I'm on a roll


Back with more PL spreads.

I completed Week5, spread2. Inspired by Cindy Lee to try a Clean & simple look, this is what I achieved. 

I must totally admit that this style could work for me coz its no fuss, and super minimal on the embellishments. So its quite fast to put it all together. 
YAY! happy girl.

As you can see, my typewriter skills is pretty horrid. LOL. I just cant seem to make it work, one hand holding the journal card and another typing....but not too bad right? at least I can read. haha.

Week 6 also completed. Just a single page spread. :)

Simple and to the point. Oh I love it. *melts*

Lets see if I have the time to complete week 7 tonight.

Have a blessed Day.


1 comment:

Josie said...

Your PL spreads are looking great! :) love them all..