Wednesday, February 12, 2014

La la la...its midweek!

Hello Peeps.

I somehow feel like I'm still on holiday, just that my assignment deadline is getting closer. Come on Sharon, stop dreaming. Arghhh....reality bites!

On the other hand, I seem to be quite pumped to complete my project life. Due to my tight schedule this week, I could only squeeze in very little time before bed. *yawns*, now you know why I'm dreaming off? haha.

Anyways, coming on to week 4, it was one of those 'lazy to photograph' kinda I decided to just go with the instagram pockets...and boy did I have fun putting it together. Scroll down...

 Week 4 Spread 1:
Josie, Cindy and I met up for lunch before Chinese New year. :)

Oh yes and the last photo was taken by Lucas (Josie's 2 year old). We sure had a good laugh at this talented boy....seriously he was over the moon to help us capture our moment. hahahah. So cute!

Week 4 Spread 2: Just a few more capture on my simple weekend. & thats a wrap my friends.


Today on Instagram: Breakfast made by the Mr. (so neatly packaged right?) Such a sweetheart, he made my morning smile. :)

Have a bloomingly great day.


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