Monday, February 24, 2014

Its Monday Again....

Hello Friends,

 Am back with another PL spread. 

Week 5 was CNY or also known as Lunar New Year. I wanted to create a simple Layout but I also know that the color 'red' can be a little strong on the eyes, so I paired it with a lot of whites to give it breathing space.

The 3x4 filler cards are free downloads from Mei Li's Paperie. :)

So there. Completed Week 5 Spread1. Will be back tomorrow for Spread 2.

So a lil bit about my weekend. :)

On Saturday, i visited Cindy at her place, checking her out before she pops.
Some cute photos of her 2 yo, Abigail. She's adorbs. Cindy, if you are reading this, wishing you a safe delivery. hugsss.

And not photographed, I had dinner with Pam & KP at a thai restaurant. The food was super yummy and great company. We laughed and chatted till 11.40pm, always good times with these old friends. :)

On Sunday:

It was terribly HOT day.

 OOTD-ed while having a quick lunch. LOL, I could barely look at the camera, yes even with the sunnies on. -_-

...............But its all worth it for this yummy Vietnamese meal. The ice coffee is out of this world. Just what I need on this melting Sunday.

Having my favorite bowl of Pho & Spring roll....yumsss, so healthy!

After lunch, we headed to a hypermarket to get new storage boxes. We have been attacked by 'Molds' on our terrazzo tiles in my craftroom...thats right of all places. *rolls eyes* I spent my whole Sunday afternoon throwing away boxes/shelves & temporary reorganizing my space. Maybe its a blessing in disguise coz now I'm checking Ikea Online for new office furnitures. LOL. 

Oh well, was your weekend as dramatic as mine? hahaha



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