Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Layering....

Good Morning Crafters,

More layering today. Its pretty fun to dig in my stash to see what I can layer....sadly I dont have much embellishments, but it still worked. Hmmmm, just thinking out aloud, does that mean I can buy more embellishments?? (shhhhh, pls dont let Aaron hear that!! *winks*)

Scrapbookers & Crafters are such hoarders. We can never have enough of anything, before we can start using on the items bought, we start eyeing what to buy next...LOL gosh, what a disaster........but its so difficult to resist......i know, i know....i feel u...

I hoarded too many of Emma Shoppe's paper........after so many projects, I still have quite a fair bit. LOL. I wanted a girly girl card with pink tones.

Happy Fun Birthday!!

2nd layered card Completed. YES!!



Blossom inch said...

beautiful card indeed, love the jute~

Cindy Lee said...

Love the layering babe!! It's so beautiful!

vivacela said...

hoo...babe. After sooo long i waited, finally u've updated ur blog. tee hee.. Nice way of layering huh! Keep it up babe ;) I can feeellllll u in some of the craft magz dy. *wink*

Yesh..more embelishment (means our poket pecah deeper) lolx.