Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Project life week 13

Gosh, super delayed I know....

I have a tight and busy schedule. LOL, Seriously....after I started documenting  Project Life, only then could I see what a busy girl I am.

Weekends are the most hectic. Having nothing on, on Saturdays and weeknights is a bonus to me. Having a public holiday is like a super super bonus, that's if the day is free for me to explore.

None the less, God gives me supernatural strength to carry on what HE has called me to do. Cardmaking and Layouts are luxuries for me at this point in time.... :)

Week 13 Spread 1

Week 13 Spread 2

Have a Blessed week peeps!!


1 comment:

Cindy Lee said...

Yay!! More updates! Not only does your PL spread inspiring, so does your nails!