Monday, February 23, 2015

This could be it. :)

Hello hello peeps,

Blessed Chinese New Year to all those celebrating. I have decided to give home mani another shot (like after 1000 failures).  I think I may have found the secret just gotta invest in a good nail polish. Duhhh!! Don't forget the base coat and topcoat too.

This tiny bottle (5ml) of Sephora is made in France,  cost me RM26 but I sure can get a lot of use. The photo below was taken this morning, single coat and after 4 days, it still shines and no chips yet. I am super please with the results. YAY! Happy girl!! And and, I think this could be my signature color. *winks* its a deep red, definitely looks darker in person.

2 thumbs up! :)

To make some minor comparison,  the nail polish below is from Rimmel London (drugstore quality), it was slightly lumpy and it wasn't glossy. Both colors were pretty similar, but hands down, Sephora wins. :)

I may slowly review some nail polishes, maybe monthly swatches. No promises, but I'm digging the home manicure...for now. :)

Have a great week.


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