Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Smidapaper Sales Ended

This adhesive was recommended by Audrey Chow, a creative scrapper who works in Smida. Really cool and affordable gadget. The adhesive itself is Rm29 (for 13m) and the refill is rm19.90. Stash it!

Oh well, I could not resist the sale, so I went the following week. Honestly, I didnt know what to buy but because I was itching to get something, I bought some papers (hopefully will put it to use) and acid free adhesive. What a shopper right?
My excuse is because I'm a new scrapper so need to equipt myself. Terrible! So when is my next LO or project?? Soon is my answer but cant seem to find time in this busy schedule of mine. A full time Enginner trying to get her dance certified, very involved in church, loves spending time with her family and now obsessed with Srapping.......I need like 40 hours in a day.

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Chowchow said...

LOL!!!You have really caught the SB shopping virus. I am sorry to inform you that you may NEVER recover from this desease. Once infected - you will forever br shopping and looking for sb supplies.