Thursday, March 20, 2008

Treated myself

Smidapaper is having sales this week... they also had it last week.

Take a peek of what I bought. I have a few projects in mind but nothing started.


jaz lee said...

Hi Sharon,met u at SnC and decided to drop by and say Hi.Im Jaz and krazy abt scrapping as eva.Love your first layout itz pretty!!!!!the coulours are yummy!and your stashes ..hmm*eyes rolling*...truly eye candies!

Sharon Cornelius-Xavier said...

Hello Jaz,

Nice of you to drop by to my newly develop blog.

Gosh, scrapping can be so addictive huh? Its like, i cant stop looking for reading and looking thru LO constantly.

LOL! I dare not even call it a stash.....just a few paper and some scrapbook basic. I want more!

Chowchow said...

Woohooo - Sharon - thats some stash you have there. Talk about not having stash in your previous post??? Hmm, looking good here...