Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disorganized scrap space

At the moment, this is my scrap space.

My Mr. is suppose to drill some shelves to store my jars & embellishments and a metal rod to hang my punches. Really hoping we can do it by saturday. We have been running back and forth from KL visiting my grandpa who just went thru a major surgery. All is good now, his recovery is really fast. Praise God!

Coming back to my space, most of my scrappy things are stored in boxes...hmmmm to be exact, one huge box coz I don't have that many scrapbook stuff. (=
For my new readers, I just got married in January and both hubs and I just moved in to our very own crib. It is heavenly! *smiles*

This scrap space is in our so called 'office'. We thrifted this table from a hotel that was refurbishing for RM90 (less than USD30). Not bad a deal for a super solid table. Aaron was suppose to use the left side, and mine..the right side BUT because I have so many things, he gave his side up for me to pack for customers and now uses the dining table to work. Well it aint my fault.....hehe, he insisted.

He is the sweetest! *loves*

I am quite loving this area of mine, still plenty of work to make it pretty but this is........
"My Space".

The lighting in this room is quite nasty. Need to sort it out so I can take beautiful pics of my creation. So till I snap a prettier picture.......toodles!


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