Monday, March 15, 2010

Some scrap goodies from last week. Smidapaper was having pick up some of these. I have been wanting the File tab punch the longest time. The moment i saw it was 25% off, i caved in and bought it and the rest of the embelishments were secondary. I got those Teresa collins cling stamps 50% off - only RM20 per stamp. I regreted only buying 2.

And those sassafrass papers were only RM1.50 each. Not too bad a deal. (=

These goodies cost me RM170++ . Truly an expensive hobby.


Cindy Lee said...

Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting my blog and leave me a comment :) I thought you looked familiar....probably I've seen you in Smidapaper.

Sharon Cornelius-Xavier said...

Hi Cindy,

Your blog is soooo attractive. Do you do LOs? or just cards?

ahhh,perhaps. Penang is a small island. (= You from pg too??