Monday, May 31, 2010

Fantastic Saturday

Yeay! My first card making class in Smidapaper taught by Cindy Lee.

I loved it! Had tons of fun.

Started my morning by having breakfast with Josie @ Arathis, Tanjung Bungah. Yummy tosei.
Then we went straight to Smida for our class.

You should have seen the excitement on my face when Cindy showed us the card sample....and its got Hot air Balloons!!!! Woohoooo, I was super excited.
I totally {HEART} hot air balloons. MY new craze.

Perfectionist in action.

Our super sweet & nice teacher.

After an hour +, my end product!!
Totally satisfied

Josie's take.

So after lunch, Cindy suggested and I stop by her place, she wanted to give me some papers. I was like "give"?? She was like yea " I dont use the vintage-y papers, you interested??"
I kept my calm, but I was so excited YEAY!! She's gonna give me goodies.
Cindy is such a sweetheart, I've only met her like 2-3 times and she's giving me goodies.
Thank you so much dearie. The papers were Gorgeous!!

These are all Cindy's gorgeous cards, kept nicely in a box...i just ransacked it......going ga-ga over her creation.

Her scraps. And as the saying goes...
"One man's junk is another man's treasure"

We were using it with her Cuttlebug, cutting and embossing.

Thank you so much girl, I truly had a lot of fun.

My own card!!
I cant stop starring at it. LOL!


Josie said...

:D let's make more

Sharon Corn said...

YEAY!!! more,more, more!!

Cindy Lee said...

Yes! Yes! You gals are so fun!!