Monday, May 24, 2010

Make and take class from Smidapaper

This class is FREE guys. IF you live in Penang, or planing a trip this weekend, be sure to join in for the Make and Take class. For more info, go to Smidapaper.

Aaron joined in cute. Here's what we made...

- Aaron's take -

- Yes, he chose the polka dots paper...LOL-

- My take -

- And the lovely end product -
(Mr. forgot to take the other side of the project, it has our initials on it)

Fun & fast project (10 mins) by Sheila. Thank you Smida!!

To Cindy: If you're reading this post, It was really good to meet u again.
I'm looking forward for this saturday's class....YEAY!!! Cant wait.



Cindy Lee said...

Hey babe!! Yeah, we'll definitely have a blast this Sat! Yay!

hannie said...

ya... so cute! what is that actually? :D

Green Pickles said...

This is cute!
Come over to my blog and enter a special giveaway!
Love from

Josie said...

Good take from Aaron~ of course Sharon too :)