Thursday, August 26, 2010

Travelling Journal

I've seen a lot of crafters who scrap about their travels.....and I've been wanting to do so, but every time when I get back from a holiday, it seems that I get busier than before.....needless to say I wont be documenting anything from the holiday.

So this time, I decided to prep myself before the trip. I have a plain notebook (i decorated the front), which i will stick ephemera's, pictures and write lots of journaling when I'm on my trip. That way I will not forget anything and for once maybe complete it. LOL!

Here's what I did...

I'll be off for a mini outing with my in-laws this weekend. Have a fabulous weekend!

I'm so loving the tiny type letters(October Afternoon) & Making Memories.
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Sheila said...

Happy Trails! =)

Craftylicious said...

that's sumthin I never thought of doin...interesting idea! ;)

teacher jessy said...

Can't wait to see that journal fill with pictures and journaling!!