Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September - The start of wedding season

6 weddings in 7 weeks (back to back). Is that insane or what?

I guess I'm at that phase in life.....that marriage phase. Pretty soon it'll be the baby phase - school phase - college phase - children getting married phase - grandchildren......and the cycle continues. I realized that time flew by so fast, so much so that my mind cant register I'm already at the next phase.

I have come to learn that 'worrying' is a waste of time. I know that we ladies tend to worry at very single thing, to the point where we forget to savor the moment. Worrying makes us lose focus on what we're suppose to do. And what does worrying do?? It causes anxiety & stress which will lead to destruction of our bodies.....and eventually every beautiful moment just passes u a stranger.

So today, I have a challenge for you. Savor your day, be thankful & one day at a time is what it takes to keep the doctor away. *Cheers ladies*

Making wedding cards for my lovely couple friends. ENjoy!


Cindy Lee said...

Beautiful post my friend! It's so meaningful and so true. Worrying is indeed destructive and stressful.

Love your wedding card! It's so pretty!

teacher jessy said...

Simple + classy at the dame time! The background paper is pretty & that lace is to die for!! Great choices :)