Friday, September 17, 2010

Wedding Card no.2


Another wedding to attend tomorrow.

Aside from the usual wedding cards, I decided to add dear lizzy's gorgeous bloom & it was heavily stickled, so glittery. (=

Something simple. And finally using my making memories paper stack.

Have a great weekend!!



Anonymous said...

this is just gorgeous!! love the lizzy glittery blooms :)

Cristina said...

Love this card! It's so elegant with the gray, but still so fresh and fun with the flowers.

Cindy Lee said...

You are doing well with your wedding cards!

Josie said...

simple yet catchy :) the flowers really stands out

Craftylicious said...

Lovely wedding cards gurl! your frens sure are lucky to receive 'em ;)

teacher jessy said...

Love how you mixed the colors! The roses really popped out from the grey background!! Yes, your wedding friends will be fortunate if they rcv this for their wedding!!