Thursday, January 13, 2011

Last night I...

..Reorganize my frequently used laces and trims.

I found out that storing them in jars dont work for me. Since I saw this container laying around empty, what not give it a try?

Not too bad eh? Soon enough, as my collection grows I may use one container per color? Anyways, let me try this out first, things always look pretty when I first organize but give it 2 weeks tops, it may be topsy turvy again. LOL

I love the pretty colors though.

....and I cooked. Brinjal (some called it aubergine) with minced meat.

Aaron loves a one dish meal, placed on top of his rice with fried egg. I know the pic looks kinda scary but it tasted pretty yummy. I also prepared the traditional ABC soup to go with this. All I know is, hubby's face lit up after he finished his meal....and that makes me a happy wife. (=


Blossom inch said...

the lace & ribbons are nicely organized, you should take a peek at mine...some are nicely stacked and I put them in spools some are just in a paper bags. Perhaps when my new place ready I will have a rack of their own. What a nice dish down there too...

Take care!

Cindy Lee said...

Nicely organized!!! Let's bet how long it gonna last?? lol :p Oh my! I love brinjal!!! Cook for me, please!!