Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Anniversary Weekend.

While waiting to depart from home...a lil vanning is permitted. (=

The yummiest lunch. Roti Jala with Mutton Curry, fried cauliflower, bendi & teh tarik.

Our room for the night.

Time for reflection. He loves the beach.
I do too. So soothing and calm. There is something about looking into the ocean and knowing everything's gonna be alright.

My good time list with Aaron.

Our little assignment while reflecting what we went thru for the year.
It was emotional and yet a relief moment.

We love the Sun, Sand and water.
How privilege to be brought up on an Island.

Just being Sharon.
I Love You.

The most perfect book for the weekend. Highly recommended.

After our swim. Time to just chilax.


My version of a satisfied meal. Hawker delight.
Fried Tuna rice + Laksa = Happy Girl.

On the lovely greens of Lone Pine, chatting away.
Setting our goals as a couple for 2011. It was the perfect environment.
Sea breeze + the sound of waves.

Our super duper early breakfast.

Lunch @ Blue Reef
Beer Battered Fish + Olio + onion rings

Love this combo
Stawberries + Fruit Loops + Brans

Love their yogurt. Delicious.

Warm interior

And to end our weekend.
Anniversary card + $$$$$$$ (Doing the happy dance) YEAY!!!

Anytime for Tom Yam.

What a memorable weekend, all in the comfort of a lovely island called - Penang.
Aaron and I did a lot of reflection on our pass year, some were good and some needed improvement, some were funny and some were was like opening a can of flowers + worms, but it was necessary to continue our journey as husband and wife.

To another great year ahead. {Cheers}



Josie said...

what a lovely way to spend ur anniversary weekend... my best wishes for u and aaron, my dear :D

Unknown said...

Love the pics! Photos filled with Love...

Happy Anniversary Lovebirds!


Cindy Lee said...

Oh wow!!! What a lovely anniversary weekend! I can feel the love you both had! So romantic!! I should plan one for my own :)

Sharm Nidyanandan said...

Love the pics & Happy Anniversary to you & Aaron dear!! :) Love your chill anni do! ;)